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Our 2020 churchwide devotional

The Moment devotional is currently sold out.
Hfbc Devotional 2020 Moment Pi

Every moment matters. Will you capture the time you’ve been given?

— "Moment" with Pastor Gregg Matte

The noise and speed of our world can seem overwhelming. Culture demands instant connectivity and communication. How are we supposed to hear from God over the roar of the river of time? In Moment, Pastor Gregg Matte provides a fresh new tool to enhance our daily moments with Jesus.

Drawing from Pastor Gregg Matte's experiences and using practical, everyday illustrations from God’s Word, Moment is a new collaboration between Houston's First and El Centro Network that provides 365 opportunities for encouragement, challenge, and understanding of practical Christian living. With daily scripture and clear messages, Moment is designed to help jump-start your day, bring God’s Word into clearer focus, and find some quiet in the noise.


Preview these sample pages — or snapshots — from Moment:

How to get Moment

The Moment devotional is currently sold out.

Moment is Houston's First's churchwide devotional for 2020. In addition to your personal copy, consider giving Moment as a gift to someone this Christmas — perhaps to the "one" you've been praying for since our "Who's Your One?" message series.

  • Moment will be released on Sun, Nov 24 for $15 each
  • Moment will only be available from CornerBooks at each Houston's First campus — The Loop, Cypress, Downtown, and Sienna
  • Moment will not be available from any other retailer (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.)

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

— James 4:14 (NIV)

About El Centro Network

Established in 2016, El Centro Network is an interdenominational, nonprofit organization whose primary focus is to provide resources for English and Spanish speakers to engage with the Bible at least four times per week. Houston's First is pleased to be arm-in-arm in ministry with this amazing group of people who are producing transportable content in English and Spanish with such a global reach.
For the past several years, El Centro has helped Houston’s First transform and translate teaching content from Pastor Gregg Matte and others into daily devotional plans for the YouVersion Bible app. Each devotional plan they produce consists of three to seven days of devotionals, with each devotional having at least one Bible reference. Users of the Bible app can subscribe to these plans. When a user reads all three to seven days of a devotional plan, the plan is marked “completed.” A completed plan represents significant Bible engagement on the part of the users and gives ECN a way to track the fulfillment of its mission through measurable results. Today, the number of completed plans is above the 5 million mark!
  • To learn more about the mission and ministry of the El Centro Network, visit
  • To find reading plans on the YouVersion Bible app, do a search using the keywords “Houston’s First” or “Gregg Matte” on the app’s home screen.