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Fitting Together

Dec 02, 2018

In a jigsaw puzzle, individual pieces of different shapes, sizes, and colors fit together to form a single image. The same can be said about the members of the Body of Christ (Romans 12:3-8), and about our Life Bible Studies at Houston’s First, too.

Within each class, people from various backgrounds, life experiences, and stages of life connect with each other to create a beautiful picture that reflects Jesus to each other and the world.

We asked people to share about their Life Bible Study experiences, and here’s what they had to say. What would you say about your Life Bible Study? Tell us here!

What role does your Life Bible Study community play in your life?

  • “It provides a place to belong. We are new to the area and have been welcomed and enveloped with love from this group. When you’re new to a place, it’s nice to know someone knows your name.” — Jim Drake
  • “As a single person, without family nearby, the ladies in my Life Bible Study are my family.” — Debbie Thompson
  • “Our time together helps to fine tune my beliefs and validate my biblical world view. The experience is so encouraging and uplifting and provides spiritual nourishment each week.” — Rich Whittington

What do you like the most about your Life Bible Study?

  • “It is like family. We pray for each other and share joys and sorrows while digging into God’s Word and applying it to our daily lives. It is a group which I trust with the very baring of my soul.” — Jill McCleary
  • “A new marriage can be challenging. In our Life Bible Study, my husband and I have learned from other mentor couples, made wonderful newlywed friends, and have gained a valuable Christian support network as we journey in marriage.” — Debra Haney

Without my Life Bible Study, my life would be …

  • “More difficult. Without support from our extended family, we would be trying to be standalone Christians when God wants us to be a part of His family. Life would seem strange and less fulfilling.” — Johnny Harper
  • “Incomplete. My cancer battle would have been scary without my Life Bible Study prayer warriors. I should not be alive today, but my fellow believers helped me survive and stay with them, serving them each week.” — Randy Smith

What advice would you give somebody who is not in a Life Bible Study?

  • “Just take that step and go into some of the classes and try them out. Don’t give up. If you don’t like the first one you try, try a different one! It’s so worth it!” — Celise Hamann

Where do you fit in?

Unlike jigsaw puzzles, our Life Bible Studies always have room to add another piece! If you have not already found community in a Life Bible Study at your campus, we encourage you to find one. Explore the list here or ask a staff member or Guest Experience Team member at your campus for assistance with finding a Life Bible Study.


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Welcome, Dr. Stephen Trammell!

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