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Friends Reunited, Sisters Made

Jun 04, 2013

Almost 3 years ago, Gracie was adopted by an American family and had to leave behind her friend Jamie at the orphanage in China. Last week, as only God could arrange, these young girls were reunited — and became sisters, too.

Earlier this year, Howard and Kathy Kelly and two other couples were surprised with monetary gifts to assist them in their respective adoption efforts. The funds given were made available from our Legacy685 Adoption Assistance Fund.

As Pastor Gregg presented the check for $10,000 to Howard and Kathy and their daughters Elizabeth and Gracie, he explained that the family was seeking to adopt Gracie's best friend from the orphanage — Jamie.

Needless to say, that inspired some tears, applause and ongoing prayers from the congregation! Now, just a few months later, Jamie's best friend is her sister and she's at home with her forever family.

Kathy sent an email to share how their new daughter's transition is going:

"We're home! We were met by a sweet group of friends and family with many balloons and gifts at the airport. It was a great blessing to see each person there....

"It has been a long, emotional two weeks for her. She did perk up once she got home, saw her room and was dragged around by her sisters. She really relaxed and played and laughed on the trampoline and then seemed interested in seeing all the new things. Elizabeth showed Jamie around outside and Jamie seemed to like following her around.

"Gracie and Jamie have hit it off well and appear to be picking back up where they left off almost 3 years ago. Gracie said, "It's like I have a friend over to play, but she is my sister!!" The house is definitely more full of noise!

"Jamie became a US citizen today as she passed through immigration! I must say that God did more than I could ever imagine each step of this journey to bring Jamie home. I'm so thankful for the great advocates that all worked together in various ways to help give Jamie a family. And I'm thankful to God for His heart of compassion for the orphan that He has also placed in our hearts and for modeling the miracle of adoption!"

The Kelly family attends Kingsland Baptist Church, illustrating how the Legacy685 Adoption, Orphan & Foster Care Ministry isn't just about helping the Houston's First family — it's about enabling and supporting the Body of Christ to pursue their passion for helping the fatherless.

Contact Legacy685 leaders Steve & Mary Klein at or 281.246.9904 for more information about the ministry.

Photo at top (L to R): Elizabeth, Gracie, Howard, Jamie, and Kathy Kelly


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