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Mastering Life

Sep 07, 2016

During his sabbatical this summer, Pastor Gregg Matte read Robert J. Morgan's Mastering Life Before It's Too Late: 10 Biblical Strategies for a Lifetime of Purpose. Now, Pastor Gregg encourages the Houston's First family to read this look at ten biblical patterns for "pleasantly productive people" that answer the question: How do I gain mastery of my life before it’s too late?

Robert J. Morgan is not new to Houston's First. Years ago, Pastor Gregg encouraged our church to read his The Red Sea Rules while we studied the book of Exodus, and he spoke at Broken For You the Thursday before Easter in 2014. Morgan will return to Houston's First as our guest speaker later this year on Sun, Nov 27, at The Loop Campus.

Mastering Life is available from CornerBooks at each of our five campuses. For a free downloadable workbook (PDF), visit Morgan's website.

About Robert J. Morgan

Morgan is the pastor of The Donelson Fellowship in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has served for thirty-three years. He has authored more than twenty books, including The Lord Is My Shepherd, The Red Sea Rules and Then Sings My Soul. He conducts Bible conferences, family retreats, and leadership seminars across the country. He and his wife, Katrina, live in Nashville. His website is