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Aug 04, 2022

'Romans' with Pastor Gregg Matte

The truth in Paul's letter to the believers in Rome has echoed throughout the world for nearly 20 centuries. From August 2022 through May 2023, Pastor Gregg Matte led us through Paul's words in a study of this beloved and powerful New Testament book — 16 chapters, 433 verses, 10 months, and unlimited impact!

In Romans, Paul addresses truths about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, salvation, how we are to live out our Christian faith, and much more. Here's what well-known pastors and scholars have said about Paul's letter:

  • The chief book in the New Testament and the purest gospel.” — Martin Luther
  • “Unquestionably the most important letter ever written.” — John Knox
  • “Paul’s fullest, grandest, most comprehensive statement of the gospel.” — RC Sproul
  • “Paul’s letter to the Romans is arguably the greatest ever written.” — John Piper

See below for our Romans messages, plus two messages by Pastor Gregg about Paul as he prepared us for our study of Romans. You can also find two illustrated overview videos about Romans provided by BibleProject.

Romans Messages

To Rome with Love

I've Got Bad News & Good News



Our RE:NEW series is also our Kainos midpoint message series

Christmas Gifts From Heaven

  • Part 1 (Dec 4, 2022) — Romans 8:18-25
  • Part 2 (Dec 11, 2022) — Romans 8:26-30
  • Part 3 (Dec 18, 2022) — Romans 8:31-39

Good Questions

Live Connected

God & Government

Old Clothes or New

The Selfless Self

Remembered for Good

About Paul

Before diving in to Paul's letter, Pastor Gregg gave us a look at the author himself. In these messages from July 24 and July 31 based on the book of Galatians, he provides us with perspective on who Paul was, his story, and what his motivation was in sharing his words with believers in Rome.

Paul: Past, Present, and Your Life's Purpose

Desert Days

Overview Videos

The following videos by the BibleProject provide illustrated summaries of Paul's letter to the Romans.

Romans - Chapters 1-4

Romans - Chapters 5-16


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