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Sewn Together

Apr 08, 2020

Piecemakers is a group of quilters at Houston’s First who enjoy spending quality time together while working on quilts and other sewing projects. Some of their previous projects include dresses for orphans and other disadvantaged girls in Cambodia and Guatemala, as well as weighted blankets for our Legacy 685 Adoption, Foster, and Orphan Care and Thru the Roof Special Needs Ministries. Now, this skilled group is working together to serve local healthcare workers during this trying time.

A Houston’s First member reached out to Piecemakers about making masks for a local hospital. The member had a connection with the hospital and was interested in extending the life of surgical masks that they were wearing during the coronavirus outbreak.

“We love that we can help in the making of these face masks,” said Carol, the Piecemakers facilitator. “Through the years, many have come to us with projects we have been so pleased to help accomplish."

The Piecemakers typically gather on Wednesday mornings at The Loop Campus to work on the sewing projects but they are taking a different approach on this project.

“Individuals are making the masks in their homes and this will be an ongoing project until the need is no longer present,” Carol explains.

Masks vary in design patterns and the fabric and elastic for the masks come from the generosity of the Piecemakers’ personal collection. The wires for the masks were donated by a local company.

“The wire was donated by a local flower and gift shop whom I have a personal relationship with," Carol explains. "We were willing to pay them but they insisted on donating the floral wire once they heard our plans."

The Piecemakers weave their heart for ministry into each mask they make.

“As the masks are sewn, each is prayed over and carefully assembled, thinking of who might wear this personal creation,” says Carol. “The entire project has been a learning process completed by many who have a heart for Jesus and sharing His love."

NOTE: The Piecemakers are not taking any additional orders or volunteers. They already have made arrangements and commitments to supply masks for specific entities. If you would like to make and donate masks in Harris County, visit this page on the Harris Health System website for DIY mask requirements and the donation process.

From the Stage to the ER

The Piecemakers are just some of the many Difference Makers at Houston's First creating masks for local facilities. The Houston Press recently told how Donna Southern Schmidt, one of our members at our Sienna Campus, is using her experience with theatre costumes to make masks for a local emergency room's staff. Read her story here.


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