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Team First: Staff Conference

Feb 08, 2021

for work that matters
in a culture that cares

That's what staff members from every campus of Houston's First and our Faith Centers will focus on when they come together on February 8 and 9 for Team First — their annual professional and team development event. This year's gathering, however, has gone through some changes as leaders took steps to adapt to the challenges of COVID-19.

The event was originally slated for January but church leaders opted to postpone it to February, allowing time to pivot and adjust the format. Rather than meeting in person as in recent years — at the Cypress Campus in 2019 and the Downtown Campus in 2020 — everyone will remain at their campuses and connect virtually via webinars and Zoom. Staff will gather with their work teams or campus teams in 14 different rooms at campuses across the city.

Main Sessions will be webcast live from the Worship Center at The Loop Campus including messages from Pastor Gregg and worship through music. During the Breakout sessions, employees will get on their own devices and join the sessions of their choosing via Zoom calls (see list below). To ensure the day goes smoothly, each team room has a designated Team Captain who will coordinate room set-ups, lunch distribution, and other tasks along the way.

Watch social media for #TeamFirst2021 as staff members share pictures of their teams at Team First!

Prayer Requests

Our church family is asked to pray for the staff as they prepare for Team First and during the event, too. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Pray for staff members to be encouraged in their personal relationships with Jesus
  • Pray for the speakers and breakout leaders to be given the words God would have them say
  • Pray for staff members to gain insights and ideas for their ministries
  • Pray for the technology to work as planned and expected throughout the day
  • Pray however else the Lord might lead you to pray for Team First

Breakout Sessions

Staff members will get to learn from and be encouraged by their peers in these sessions led by fellow staff:

Leading Through The Valley

  • Jeff Bumgardner, Minister of Worship & Arts – The Loop Campus
  • Focuses on how to lead in the midst of loss and finding God's way through it.

Being an Effective Supervisor

  • Cindy Robinson, Director of Human Resources
  • Focuses on what your direct reports want you to know, and will help you become the kind of boss that people want to work for.

Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

  • Jason Swiggart, Campus Pastor – Cypress Campus
  • I was too busy to write a description... ;-)

The Heart of the Matter

  • Dr. David Self, Executive Pastor
  • Focuses on calling and longevity in ministry by understanding 10 keys to staying the course.

Prayer Journey

  • Diane Bagby, Administrative Executive Assistant to the Executive Pastor
  • Focuses on how to enhance your prayer life by looking at the tabernacle as a model.


  • Tyler Scott, Minister of Children – Sienna Campus, and Mark Cox, Minister of Students – Sienna Campus
  • Focuses on how to use fun as a tool for increased engagement with people in your ministry.

How To Love Your Team

  • Maria Estrella, Human Resources Assistant, and John LaCarter, Creative Services Project Manager
  • Focuses on simple and practical ways to help your team become a family.


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