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The Wedding at Cypress

Mar 31, 2020

The first miracle that Jesus performed was turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana. Through this miracle, Jesus was faithful to respond to a need. Recently, God was faithful to do a great miracle through a wedding at the Cypress Campus of Houston’s First.

Andy and Houston’s First member Christy planned to get married on April 5, 2020, with family and friends from out-of-town in attendance. But those plans changed as they couldn’t have a large wedding due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“We picked our date specifically so that Andy’s family from Colombia could make it,” Christy explains. “However, they encouraged us to go ahead and get married, even if they could not be here."

As they looked for options on how to proceed with their dream of getting married, the couple reached out to the Cypress Campus of Houston’s First.

“We could no longer hold a large gathering, but I remembered that Deborah Whaley, executive assistant to Cypress Campus Pastor Jason Swiggart, said they do private marriages in the pastor’s office. So, we figured the private option was now appropriate,” Christy said.

Christy describes how the Cypress Campus made the wedding special for her and Andy.

“We anticipated something very informal, quickly inserted into the pastor’s normal work schedule. However, they blew us away with their care and attention,” Christy explains. “They offered the use of the sanctuary, which is a dream we laid aside with the change to a private wedding. We had no photographer. No problem! The ladies of the Cypress Campus leapt into action and took lovely photos, while holding the phone so that family who lived internationally could watch the ceremony on live stream."

The couple felt celebrated in spite of not having family and friends in attendance physically.

“Pastor Jason was warm and caring. He gave us a real ceremony—not just a marriage. He delivered a special message for the special times in which we found ourselves,” Christy describes. “The ladies at the Cypress Campus went above and beyond when they skillfully decorated our car for us! People all the way in the streets and highway were honking and shouting congratulations to us. Some children in the back seats were waving at us and young people and couples were joyfully giving thumbs up. It was beautiful and motivating."

Christy shares what it means to get married during these times of uncertainty.

“With the pandemic and things shutting down, our dreams of being together rather than in separate states were getting less and less hopeful,” Christy shares. “We have been wanting to get married for quite some time, and Houston's First was a light of hope in these days of uncertainty for us to move forward with our dream.”


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