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Wrap Around Care

Over the past twelve years, Legacy 68:5 has learned that if children are to find healing through relationships, then they and their caregivers need intentional, long-term, targeted support through each season of the journey.

Legacy 68:5's wrap-around provides holistic care to meet each caregiver or family member’s unique needs. Through a network of lay people and professional services, we provide spiritual support, tangible and knowledgeable resources, and practical steps as the family pursues healing.

If you or your family is in need of prayer or wraparound care support, please complete the corresponding form below.

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For more information on Legacy 68:5's wraparound care, email


Legacy 68:5 seeks to sustain foster and adoptive families in their journey of building deep healing connections as well as workers in the community who are defending the vulnerable. We come alongside them by providing professional, tangible, and spiritual support. We can only do that with the help of a team of volunteers who are willing to play a part in the lives of those caring for the orphaned and vulnerable.

Jason Johnson of Christian Alliance for Orphans says, “In the Body of Christ, no one is called to do everything, but everyone is created to do something. Unique gifts are given to unique individuals, not for their own good but for the common good of the whole body.” We would like to help you find your “something.”

Because of the populations that Legacy 68:5 serves, we require the highest standard of screening for volunteers in order to provide the safest environments possible for our children and families. All direct care volunteers must be Safeguarding approved through HFBC (6 months active involvement at HFBC, Church membership, Approved Next Gen Application, Clear Background Check, Interview with Legacy 68:5 staff member.)

For more information on the Safegaurding approval process, please visit the Safeguarding webpage.