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Midnight Madness is our annual Life Bible Study leadership training. We take leadership very seriously and offer monthly leadership meetings, Milestones classes, Age Division training, and individual training opportunities but Midnight Madness is our premier leadership training for all age groups annually. It is the one time we come together as leaders from all age groups and all leadership positions to sharpen our focus on the purpose and role of Life Bible Study and specifically focus on how each leader can serve in their role with excellence.

Midnight Madness 2018

Sharpening the Focus of OUR Life Bible Study
Keynote Speaker — David Self

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    Leading Students 101

    ene 26, 2018 Tony Bianco,Justin Holcomb, Nathaniel Kuhns

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    So You Want to Lead... Every New Leader Starts Somewhere

    ene 26, 2018 Bob Mayfield,Carolyn O'Neal

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    Sharpening the Focus on the Grow Groups Ministry of Life Bible Study

    ene 26, 2018 Margaret Fitzwater,Eric Reed

  4. 26

    Teaching to Change Lives

    ene 26, 2018 David Apple,Tim Young

  5. 26

    Ministering to Families in a Difficult Season

    ene 26, 2018 Dr. Michael Smalley

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    Dot To Dot Life Bible Study

    ene 26, 2018 Whitney Hill

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    Your Influence Has Impact

    ene 26, 2018 – Houston's First

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    Closing Session

    ene 26, 2018 Bob Smiley

  9. 26

    Sharpening the Focus of OUR Life Bible Study

    ene 26, 2018 David Self

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      Bridge Building - The Skill of Inviting Others to Church and Jesus

      ene 26, 2018 Josh Hunt

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      What is the Focal Point of Life Bible Study

      ene 26, 2018 Rick Ray

    • 27

      Be the Servant God Calls You to Be: A Christian Man's Manifesto

      ene 27, 2017 Neal Jeffrey