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At Houston's First, Milestones is a framework of adult discipleship that extends beyond Life Bible Studies to equip people in a particular stage or life, crisis, or in general discipleship. Milestones events and classes are offered throughout the semester on various days of the week and times of day. A majority of them happen during MidLink — the name for Wednesday night activities.

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MidLink & Milestones Archive

Below are a several past MidLink & Milestones Classes. Please click here to see current Milestones Classes for your campus.

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  1. 11

    Rebuilding: Harvey Next Steps

    oct 11, 2017 – Houston's First

  2. 04

    Soul Care After Harvey: Caring for Others

    oct 04, 2017 – Houston's First

  3. 27

    Soul Care After Harvey: Caring for Your Family

    sep 27, 2017 – Houston's First

  4. 20

    Soul Care After Harvey: Caring for Yourself

    sep 20, 2017 Adam Mason

    • 09

      Being A Game Changer

      mar 09, 2016 Dwight Edwards

    • 11

      Witness to Wonder - The Life of C. S. Lewis

      mar 11, 2015 Andrew Lazo

      • 21

        An Introduction to C.S. Lewis

        ene 21, 2015 Andrew Lazo