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Global Care


"Learn to do good;
Seek justice,
Correct oppression;
Bring justice to the fatherless..."
Isaiah 1:17

It’s often said that there are “an estimated 150+ million orphans worldwide.” But what does that really mean? Is there really a need for 150+ million families to adopt or is there another way to read the statistics? Legacy 685 is committed to reframing the narrative and guiding The Church to more informed and intentional responses to the global orphan care crisis. To understand more on the numbers and statistics click here.

Over the last ten years, God has been stirring the heart of Houston’s First Baptist Church to strategically partner with ministries who are caring for the fatherless by providing long-term holistic care. Adoption and foster care are unfortunately not possible for all of these children; however, through intentional interaction with our partners, Houston’s First is able to encourage, uplift, and support thousands of children's journeys toward healing and hope in Christ.

What can you do to help?

PRAY intentionally for the Fatherless

Make it PERSONAL through an Advocacy Trip with Houstons First!

Make caring for the orphan & vulnerable child a PERMANENT part of the rhythm of your life.

Global Partners

Global Partners list coming soon!

Recommended Reading for Orphan Care

Castaway Kid by Rob Mitchell

In the Pursuit of Orphan Excellence by Philip Darke

Relentless Hope by Beth Guckenberger