Foundations of the Faith

ene 14, 2017

Unstoppable Gospel

Adult Life Bible Studies • Sundays, Jan 29-Mar 5
For the next Foundations of the Faith emphasis at Houston's First, our volunteer Life Bible Study leaders have chosen the Unstoppable Gospel curriculum from LifeWay.
That will be a familiar name for many — it's the same name as Pastor Gregg Matte's book published in 2015. However, this six-week series is not based on the book itself. Rather, it's a continuation of what Pastor Gregg covered in his look at the early church.
This study journeys through the exciting early days of the church. Discover what made the early church so powerful. As the Book of Acts opens, you'll see a room full of huddled, scared disciples, completely powerless and uncertain of the future.
You'll also see these same followers become empowered men and women, advancing throughout the world, proclaiming the unstoppable gospel that turned the world upside down.

Participant Resources

Study Guides

Download and use the study guides as you follow along in your Life Bible Study. Each session includes sections such as The Bible Meets Life, What Does The Bible Say? and Live It Out, as well as other content specific to that week's topic.

Bible Studies for Life App

Provided by LifeWay, the free Bible Studies for Life app allows you to download Unstoppable Gospel content on your device for convenient access wherever you go. Find the app on iTunes or Google Play using the links below, then find the Unstoppable Gospel content once you are in the app.

Foundations of the Faith

Today’s Christian is confronted with an overload of information coming from a myriad of sources. Research shows that the modern person will amass more knowledge in the next year than an average 20th century person learned over a lifetime. We want to assist the Houston's First family in cutting through the mass of information by providing a study of fundamentals of Christianity through our Life Bible Studies. We call these series Foundations of the Faith.

In our churchwide Foundations of the Faith Bible study series, Houston’s First seeks to equip everybody in our Adult Life Bible Studies (college through senior adults) with the biblical foundations of the Christian faith. We cover topics such as Bible study, prayer, evangelism, service, and stewardship, just to name a few. The series lays the basic foundations of biblical truth for new believers. Seasoned believers will be challenged to live out their faith in every area of their lives. And, those wondering about the Christian faith will be able to examine the vital beliefs and disciplines of their prospective faith alongside wrestling with the claims of Jesus.

Previous Foundations of the Faith emphases have focused on evangelism, prayer and generosity. Visit the archives page to find related lesson plans and other resources.