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Real Life. Real People.

Welcome to Houston's First! We are a thriving and diverse community of real people experiencing real life together. Sundays are a time where we gather together to grow and give of what we have, but our lives consist of much more than attending church on Sunday. We want to be the church every day of the week.
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I Will Build My Church

God’s plan to reach the nations is the Church and the Church is essential for three reasons. The Church is not a human construct but was created by Jesus. Jesus is the founder of the Church and we are His members. And the Church is called to be on mission to spread the Gospel and be God’s ambassadors.

Summer 2022 Speakers

While Pastor Gregg Matte is on his summer sabbatical, we'll have guest speakers, staff members, and campus pastors speaking at our different campuses.…

Pastor Gregg on SCOTUS

Following the SCOTUS ruling impacting abortion, Pastor Gregg Matte shares his heart and that of Houston's First.

Pregnancy Resources

There are many facets to pregnancy and Houston's First seeks to care for people wherever they might be.

A Culture That Cares

The child protection policy at Houston’s First supports our commitment to create safe spaces for our most vulnerable population.

Kainos Impact: South Asia UUPGs

Houston's First fulfilled another goal of our Kainos vision by giving $300,000 to empower efforts to reach unreached unengaged people...

New Mission Trip to Our City

In 2022, the Houston's First family is taking a new approach to our annual mission trip to our city. Stay tuned for details here!

Sunday Toolkit

Find helpful tools so you can fully engage in our Sunday online experience as we worship together!

Gather. Grow. Give.

A church our size has a lot to offer. In fact, there's so much going on, we realize it can be difficult finding the right place for you or your family. That's why we've based our ministry around a three-part strategy: Gather. Grow. Give.


Worship Services & Special Events

Worship services and special events are the primary ways the church family gathers our hearts together. Coming together like this reveals the beauty and diversity of God's children. No two people are exactly the same! And when we gather our hearts to praise Him or simply have a good time, there is room for everybody!



Life Bible Studies & Milestones

Life Bible Studies and Milestones are our main vehicles for growing our souls closer to God. They provide a place for us to explore the beauty and mystery of God's Word. These smaller settings also open the door for discussion with others as we seek to apply what we read in the Bible to our daily lives with friends to walk through it with you!



Missions & Volunteering

A soul growing closer to God simply cannot contain itself. Eventually, it will need to find a release. It will need something to do with the abundant love, grace, life, peace, joy, hope, mercy, forgiveness, redemption, well … you get the idea … that it's received from the Creator of the Universe. Missions and volunteering are just two such outlets.

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