Gather with Houston's First online at 9:15a, 11a, or 5p each Sunday.
Find streaming links and on-campus schedules at each of our four campuses in our SUNDAY TOOLKIT.

Relevant Biblical Community

Houston's First is a thriving and diverse community of real people experiencing real life together. Sundays are a time where we gather together to grow and give of what we have, but our lives consist of much more than attending church on Sunday. We want to be the church every day of the week.

Who Will Send Them?

A budget shortfall at the IMB is making an impact as missionaries like the Fischers are asked to make unexpected choices. How will the...

Meant to Be

As two Houston’s First members have discovered, opening their hearts and lives to children in need can have beautiful and unexpected...

When The Bible Comes To Life

Celebration returns with pageantry and evangelism heralding Christ as the ultimate gift to mankind. And as one audience member recounts,...

Waiting In Hope

When Kelley and Justin Ramsey failed to have a child after more than a year into their "baby-making journey," they were surprised to find...

Unconventional Bachelor Party

A groom-to-be took an unconventional approach to celebrating his upcoming wedding with his groomsmen — and he was in for a surprise, too.

Finding Common Ground

“There’s just something different about the ladies at Houston’s First,” said Anna Hasselbring, who joined the church in 2004. She...

Giving Back

Remembering where we have been, seeing a need and taking action is what it takes for God to use our unique talents for His Kingdom...

We love kids!

From newborns through high school seniors there's something here for your kids. We have Sunday Worship times as well as special times of worship designed for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and 1st–5th graders. Life Bible Studies provide more detail about what's available for children no matter what their age may be.

Get Connected

At Houston’s First there are so many ways to get connected that sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming. We're here to help you! To get started follow the path to connection below.

Gather together

Worship services and special events are the primary ways the church family gathers our hearts together. Coming together like this reveals the beauty and diversity of God's children. No two people are exactly the same! And when we gather our hearts to praise Him or simply have a good time, there is room for everybody!

Find a Bible Study

Life Bible Studies are one of our main vehicles for growing our souls closer to God. They provide a place for us to explore the beauty and mystery of God's Word. These smaller settings also open the door for discussion with others as we seek to apply what we read in the Bible to our daily lives with friends to walk through it with you!

Discover discipleship

At Houston’s First, Milestones is a framework of adult discipleship that extends beyond Life Bible Studies to equip people in a particular stage or life, crisis, or in general discipleship. Milestones events and classes are offered throughout the semester on various days of the week and times of day.

Explore membership

Membership is open to anyone who has placed their faith in Jesus Christ alone for the forgiveness of sins and has been baptized by immersion by a body of believers of like faith and practice.

Looking for more?

Read our common questions, connect or find help through our ministries, find opportunities to serve through Volunteering Opportunities or Mission Trips, watch a message, or for other questions and comments contact us by clicking below.