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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning may be the most important act of stewardship any of us will ever undertake. It is, at its core, the process of determining to whom we should transfer the stewardship of all that has been entrusted to us when we are called to step into eternity.

Houston’s First partners with PhilanthroCorp to provide formal estate planning year-round for church members at no cost to them. Following a phone interview, PhilanthroCorp provides tools to guide your decision making within the privacy of your home. For more about PhilanthroCorp, visit their website, email Betsy Walker, 713.957.5806.

Planning to be Generous

Eternal Impact

The ability to be generous begins with preparation. Houston’s First members learned that near painless preparation brought a great deal of peace and the knowledge that their Kingdom building would continue for generations. …

Plan for a Living - and Giving

Walking their talk characterizes one couple at The Loop Campus: shedding some of the “stuff” allows a streamlined approach to living a life of freedom and generosity. …

"Highly Recommend"

Susan, a member of Houston's First, shared her experience working with PhilanthroCorp:

Prior to working with PhilanthroCorp, I did not have a will in place. Fortunately, I was able to attend a meeting at church, and learned about this service our church provides to its members. The process working with PhilanthroCorp went very smoothly. They initiated everything and were very accommodating with my schedule. They were willing to explain anything I had questions on and even told personal stories of how things work in their own lives concerning a will. They even knew an attorney who attends my church so the signing process was just as easy.

My mother had recently passed when I learned of this service, so being a single mom and gaining some inheritance, it couldn't have been more timely. Knowing that things concerning my son could have been decided by the state/courts versus if I had a will, made this an even more important task to get done! Overall, I would highly recommend getting a will in place as folk don't realize the ease of mind that I now have, knowing my son will be taken care of and medical plans are in place. The binder that PhilanthroCorp gave me has everything in one place and is a huge value as well!
PhilanthroCorp's Christian values meant a lot to me. Praying during calls is not something that you get from your everyday estate planning company. I would highly encourage others to participate in this process!