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Making All Things New

Hello, Deacons and Pathfinders!

Thank you for the continued leadership and generosity that you faithfully share with Houston's First. We enjoyed seeing many of you at the recent Kainos Vision Dinners where Pastor Gregg and others talked about a new vision for our church.

Whether you were able to attend or not, we wanted to make the information presented at the dinners available to you here so you could review it at your own pace. Our hope is that this look at where God has led us and where He is leading us now will remind you — like it has for our staff — of His goodness and the joy that comes from following Him.

He Has Made Things New!

Much has happened in the life of Houston's First since Pastor Gregg became our pastor in 2004. In this video shared at the vision dinners, Executive Pastor Dr. David Self looks at how God provided new opportunities for our church to expand our ministry impact — illustrating His leadership and the generosity of the Houston's First family to rise to the challenge.

He Continues To Make Things New!

At the recent vision dinners, Pastor Gregg and others revealed how God is continuing to make things new for Houston's First. Look through these slides to see the new opportunities God is providing us in the months and years ahead.

Prayer & Vision Nights

The next step in sharing Kainos with our church family will be at Prayer & Vision Nights with Pastor Gregg and others taking place at each campus. Open to anyone to attend, these gatherings will focus on this new vision for the years ahead and on praying for our church.

Will you help spread the word by inviting people to join you at your campus' Prayer & Vision Night? A personal invitation is always best, but emails or Facebook invitations can work, too.

    Sun, Sep 12 @ 6:30p-8p — The Loop Campus (Worship Center)
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    Sun, Sep 19 @ 6:30p-8p — Sawmill Lake Club
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    Sun, Sep 26 @ 6:30-8p — Downtown Campus (Worship Center)
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    Sun, Oct 3 @ 6-7:30p — Cypress Campus (Worship Center)
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Your Commitment

You received a Kainos Commitment Card either at the dinners or in the mail. At this point in our Kainos journey as a church, we ask you to begin praying and seeking God's direction about your financial contribution.

Remember, the primary goal of Kainos is for 100% of our church family to be engaged in the process and for each of us to experience new levels of surrender, faith, and generosity.

  • A New Level of Surrender
    What am I holding back from Jesus and need to relinquish to Him?
  • A New Level of Faith
    What steps do I need to take to move away from my comfort zones and toward deeper dependence upon Jesus?
  • A New Level of Generosity
    How can I honor God more through the stewardship of my finances and my financial generosity?

As leaders in our church, you are encouraged to submit your Kainos Commitment Card by Sun, Oct 24 — the day of our Advance Commitment Night gathering to be held at our Sienna Campus. You can do so by returning your card in the envelope provided, or by submitting it in person at the Advance Commitment Night.

Advance commitments from leaders like you will enable us to share with the rest of our church family that our leaders are excited and on board with the Kainos vision. The total amount of the advance commitments will be revealed to the church prior to Commitment Sunday on Sun, Nov 14, when the entire church family will submit their cards.

It will be so encouraging for our church to join in on the vision knowing that God is already moving in the hearts of our leaders to support Kainos as He makes things new!