Engaged Couples

Preparation for Marriage

Houston’s First offers the Preparation for Marriage Program (PMP) to engaged couples. PMP is rooted in a solemn and abiding commitment to the sacredness of Christian marriage, and may be the most important of all your plans for a successful marriage!

*If your wedding is going to take place at Houston's First, you and your fiancé are required to participate in the program.

If you’re getting married at another church or venue, you are more than welcome to enroll in PMP; pastors from other churches recommend our program to couples marrying in their churches.

To Register:

A specially-designed curriculum is available for couples who wish to enter a marriage based on Jesus Christ. Register online for your preferred option by clicking on the quick link related to the option you are interested in. Only one person per couple is required to register and pay. Once registered, we will contact you and provide further info. If you have any questions, please contact us at 713.335.6469 or MarriagePrep@HoustonsFirst.org.

  • Engaged Couples Workshop — Workshop (Friday night/all day Saturday) held at Houston’s First. Attendance is limited to a max of 11 couples. Visit Engaged Couples Workshop page for additional info and to register.
  • 2-on-2 — Work through the premarital curriculum with an older, married (facilitator) couple; sessions typically in their home. 2-on-2 is perfect for couples who want a more personalized approach; best suited for couples who have at least 4-6 months before their wedding. Visit 2-on-2 page for additional info and to register.

*Engaged Couples Workshop Cancellation Policy

Our Workshop is in heavy demand.If you register for an upcoming Workshop and cancel within 7 days of the Workshop (“7-day cancellation period), you will be charged a $100 cancellation fee.If we are able to find a replacement couple, you will not be charged the $100.You will not be registered for a subsequent Workshop until you pay the $100 fee (if applicable).

If you cancel your registration before the 7-day cancellation period, you will be refunded the remaining balance after SYMBIS fees ($30) and any counseling sessions utilized ($50/session) are deducted.If you cancel your registration within the 7-day cancellation period (and a replacement is not found), you will be refunded the remaining balance after the cancellation fee ($100), SYMBIS fees ($30), and any counseling session utilized ($50/session) are deducted.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us at 713.335.6469 or MarriagePrep@HoustonsFirst.org.

Additional Information

The Preparation for Marriage Program is part of established and uniform wedding policies of Houston's First; such policies are coordinated through the Wedding Director. All Preparation for Marriage Program services offered by Houston's First are aimed toward one supreme goal—the establishment of Biblically-based, Christ-honoring and Spirit-led marriage relationships.

If you have any questions (including cost and availability) regarding your participation in the program, please contact the Preparation for Marriage Program Coordinator at MarriagePrep@HoustonsFirst.org or 713.335.6469.


If you are marrying at Houston's First, the payment for the Preparation for Marriage program is handled through the website, unless you need to pay in person. If you’re not marrying at Houston's First but would like to participate in the Preparation for Marriage program, please contact the PMP Coordinator at the number or e-mail listed below.

If you’re marrying at Houston's First and plan to participate in another church’s premarital program, you must advise the Counseling Center that you have completed a similar counseling program. Written document or evidence from this program must be submitted at least 30 days prior to your wedding date.

If you are marrying here at Houston's First we ask that you read the document Premarital Covenant Agreement. This will be a document that you and a minister on staff will cover in your meeting together.

Twogether in Texas

The state of Texas has begun a program called “Twogether in Texas,” and we have been approved to provide pre-marital counseling in this program. The desire of this program is “to build a community where marriage is valued and strong families can contribute to the success of the great State of Texas.” As an approved program we are able to give you a certificate of completion that can provide a deduction of $60 in your marriage license fees. Upon completion of the program we will give you the certificate.

For further information about “Twogether in Texas,” you can visit the website TwogetherInTexas.com. We look forward to being a part of your story together.


For questions, please contact us at 713.335.6469 or MarriagePrep@HoustonsFirst.org.