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Dr. Emad Mossad | Accepting New Clients

Dr. Emad Mossad | Accepting New Clients

MD, MS, LPC-Associate | Supervisor: Adam Mason

I am a licensed professional Counselor Associate practicing under the supervision of Adam mason, MAMFS, LPC-S, C-SAT. I hold a Master’s of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of St Thomas in Houston and a Medical Degree from Cairo University. As a practicing medical doctor for over 30 years, I have learned to connect with others during difficult times and through struggles, to recognize, empathize and respond in a compassionate, caring manner. I have taken this experience to heart and apply it in my daily work in counseling.

I believe the ability to change is present within every human being. My commitment is to work with you to find the keys to unlock your inner power, to challenge the irrational thoughts, to understand and accept yourself, to find a path to a more fulfilling life and more rewarding relationships. As the father of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dr. Aaron Beck was once quoted saying “Stop those thoughts, and give yourself a chance!”

As a married man and a father of two young adults, I have learned many lessons about the joys and challenges of human relationships. I apply these lessons to help you in your journey, to find understanding and fulfillment in your relationships.

I am certified through the SYMBAS pre-marital and marital counseling program. I work with individuals, couples and families to overcome anxiety, depression, struggles with sexual addiction, learning coping skills, resolving conflicts and engaging in life to its fullest. I apply principles from Cognitive Behavioral, Solution Focused Therapy rooted in Biblical concepts.