Seven Pillars of Proverbs

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Mr. Webster defines a proverb as “a short well-known saying containing a wise thought.” The book of Proverbs in the Old Testament is filled with such sayings — but unlike some advice the world offers, these are backed by God’s power and eternal truth. In this message series, Pastor Gregg Matte looks at what Proverbs says about topics relevant to us today and how God’s wisdom provides answers we often seek.

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Here are Pastor Gregg's messages and selected excerpts from the Seven Pillars of Proverbs series. You can always find these and other messages on our media page, on our Houston's First Baptist Church app, and on iTunes.

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Message Excerpts

Today's Thoughts

We can seek guidance from a variety of sources, and what society has to say can be a loud and powerful voice. But should we listen? Pastor Gregg Matte addresses that in this clip from his message called "Be Wise" from Sun, Apr 15, 2018. …

Cost of Wisdom

Wisdom does not come without a price — but it's not all a loss. Pastor Gregg Matte explains here in this clip from his message called "Be Wise" from Sun, Apr 15, 2018. …

The Wisdom Tree

Pastor Gregg Matte explains how wisdom changes the question we ask when faced with a decision in his message called "Be Wise" from Sun, Apr 15, 2018. …

Kindergarten Field Trips

Pastor Gregg Matte shares how Kindergarten field trips provided an opportunity to pass a lesson along to his son. …

Kid Sports

How much do sports impact your child's — and your family's — life and schedule? And, what is that impact teaching them? …

Choose Friends Well

Parents — teach your children the importance of choosing well their friends and spouse. …

Your Parenting Questions

Pastor Gregg Matte answers questions about parenting as part of the "Ask The Pastor" aspect of his Seven Pillars of Proverbs message series. …

Daily Wisdom

Throughout the Seven Pillars of Proverbs series, Pastor Gregg is asking the Houston's First family to read the book on their own. Set time aside each day to read that day's assigned chapter and ask God to speak to you directly — revealing truth and wisdom along the way.

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