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Celebration Guest Experience Team

The Guest Experience (GX) Team at Celebration plays a vital role in making our guests feel welcome at Houston's First — whether they are first-timers or familiar faces. The hospitality we provide will help set the tone for what they are about to experience as they come to one of the six presentations offered Dec 12-15, 2019.

Below is high-level information you'll need to know about serving on the Celebration GX Team. Once you have read it over — or if you are ready to go now — complete the registration form providing us with your contact information, the presentations at which you want to serve, your role preferences, and other information.

Have questions? Contact Steven W. Murray, director of communications, or Becky Murphy, our Celebration GX Team coordinator, for answers!



The Celebration GX Team has volunteers serving in the following roles at each presentation:

  • Greeters welcome people at the building entrances, hand out Celebration programs, and are usually the first face that most people will see when they arrive!
  • Ticket Checkers are the gatekeepers as people enter the Worship Center – but you are friendly and gracious gatekeepers! We only do a visual check of the tickets for the correct date and time. We do not scan the tickets with any electronic devices. Most Ticket Checkers also remain at their assigned door throughout the presentation to monitor guests coming in and out of the Worship Center.
  • Ushers play the role of “host” inside the Worship Center as you welcome people into your living room. You make them feel welcome, help them find their seats, and chat with guests along the way.
  • Floaters are strategically placed throughout the building hallways to provide guests with an easy-to-find source for help and information.


GX Team members are expected to attend one of two training sessions. If your schedule prevents you from attending either one, we can make other arrangements if needed.

  • Wed, Dec 4 @ 6:30-7:45p — The Loop (room TBD)
  • Sun, Dec 8 @ 12:30-1:45p — The Loop (room TBD)


GX Team members are expected to arrive two (2) hours before the presentation's start time and report directly to the Connection Center. When you may leave depends on the role you are assigned.

  • Thu, Dec 12 @ 7:30p — check-in at 5:30p
  • Fri, Dec 13 @ 7:30p — check-in at 5:30p
  • Sat, Dec 14 @ 2:30p — check-in at 12:30p
  • Sat, Dec 14 @ 7:30p — check-in at 5:30p
  • Sun, Dec 15 @ 2:30p — check-in at 12:30p
  • Sun, Dec 15 @ 7:30p — check-in at 5:30p

NOTE: If you serve at back-to-back presentations at Saturday or Sunday, dinner will be provided for you along with the Celebration cast and crew.

A Special Celebration

On Wed, Dec 11, special need families will be invited to attend A Special Celebration just for them. The evening serves as the show's final dress rehearsal, but also as an opportunity for special needs families to experience Celebration. GX Team members will be needed that evening to help welcome and serve our guests, but you will not be expected to stay throughout the entire evening. You can indicate your interest in serving that night on the GX Team registration form.


Free childcare for birth through Kindergarten is provided for Celebration cast and crew members — including the Guest Experience Team — during every presentation. Once you join the team, a link will be sent to you so you can register your child(ren).

  • Keep in mind that childcare for our audience members is offered for a fee only at the 7:30p presentations on Thu, Dec 12, and Sun, Dec 15, and is only for birth through 3 years old.
  • Do not tell any guests you know who are coming that childcare is available at every show, that it's free, or that it's through Kindergarten! Those arrangements ONLY apply to Celebration cast and crew members.


An easily identifiable GX Team will help guests know whom to ask for help.
  • Solid black pants or skirt
  • Solid white shirt, blouse or sweater (white only – not off-white or with colored embellishments)
  • Red plaid scarf (provided for you)
  • Comfortable shoes (please, no tennis shoes unless solid black)
  • Women –– minimal accessories, please (no flashing accessories of any kind)
  • Men –– ties are not needed (if worn, please wear a red tie)
  • Greeters may wear coats if standing at building entrances
  • Layering your clothes is wise – you never know when it will be cold (or warm) in your part of the building

Volunteer Seating

During the presentations, volunteers may sit in any open seats along the back row of the Lower Level or the top row of the Balcony — assuming their assigned roles do not require them to be positioned elsewhere.