World Mission Offering

Jan 31, 2019

Give to the World Mission Offering


Hearing the need for financial support for missionaries headed to a foreign nation, Jesse Mercer from Georgia sent $2,500 in 1840 to a Baptist organization to fund their efforts. His gift enabled James Huckins to follow through on God’s calling to share the Gospel in the recently-formed nation of Texas. He found his way to Houston where he connected with a group of believers who had been gathering for a few years. In April 1841, they officially founded our city’s first Baptist church — our church.
Four years later, in 1845, Houston’s First began partnering with the International Mission Board (IMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention. Now, 174 years later, Houston’s First is consistently one of the top financial givers to missionary support thanks to our church family’s generosity toward the World Mission Offering — our annual offering to support missions around the globe.

The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention recently tweeted that we were the number one-ranked church in the SBTC in terms of giving to the Southern Baptist Convention Cooperative Program. Houston’s First has been first in giving to the IMB out of more than 47,000 Southern Baptist Churches across the nation. In addition, we have ranked among the top five givers to the North American Mission Board and to Southern Baptists of Texas Convention missions.

Let’s continue to make a difference in 2019!

Last year, the number of people from the Houston’s First family contributing to the World Mission Offering increased dramatically — from about 700 in 2017 to around 2,500 in 2018 — and we surpassed our goal amount, too. Our goal for this year’s World Mission Offering is $1,150,000, to be distributed as follows:
  • International Mission Board — $1,000,000
  • North American Mission Board — $100,000
  • Southern Baptists of Texas Convention — $50,000

How can I give?

On Sun, Feb 24, we’ll bring our contributions forward in each worship service at every campus. If you’re unable to be at church that day or prefer to give online, you can give online here or via the official Houston’s First Baptist Church app.. Pray about how God would have you support missionaries and the furthering of the Gospel — and what He might have you sacrifice to make that possible.

What if we raise more than our goal?

If more than $1,150,000 is contributed, every additional dollar given to the World Mission Offering will go to these mission projects in our city, nation, and world:

  • Heshima Children’s Center (special needs children in Nairobi, Kenya) — $50,000
  • Nabor House (low-income child care at Faith Center–Spring Branch) — $50,000
  • Renovations at Faith Center–Spring Branch — $95,000
  • Church plant in Madrid, Spain — $25,000
  • Church plant in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — $35,000
  • Church plant in New York City and Brooklyn — $90,000

From Apartment Ministry to
International Missionary

When you give to the World Mission Offering, you support missionaries around the world — including ones like John & Ruth Lapos whose story is rooted in our church’s long-running passion for missions. Here, John shares his journey and how he and Ruth are making a difference for the Gospel:

John & Ruth Lapos with children Timothy and Hannah
In 1984, Bro. John Bisagno led Houston’s First to give its heart, people, and resources to reach declining inner-city churches and to start new churches. As a result, I was saved in an apartment ministry launched by our church in 1986. Out of Springbrook Community Church, I was one of fourteen young men and women who were saved, called, and entered full-time ministry..

Under the leadership of great men like Harvey Kniesel (former Missions Pastor), I grew as a minister and was licensed to preach the gospel by Houston’s First in 1989. Through the involvement of great ministries like the Faith Center, I grew as a missionary and was ordained into the ministry by Houston’s First in 1996.

Since 2001, my family and I have served in Bangkok, Thailand, with the International Mission Board as career missionaries sent out from Houston’s First. As your missionary family, here are a couple of the critical roles we fill so we can ultimately reach the 615 million people of southeast Asia with the Gospel:

  • As the Southeast Asia Affinity Connector, John is the initial contact for a person and church interested in serving in southeast Asia. By answering questions and providing guidance, John gauges the best direction forward for one interested to explore pathways of mission service in the SEAP Affinity.
  • As the Logistics Services Consultant of Bangkok, Ruth provides logistical, financial, and immigration support for all IMB personnel who live and travel to Bangkok. By managing the IMB Office and the Johnson Guest House, Ruth walks alongside a missionary to exercise concern and care.


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