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Sunday evening worship at The Loop Campus

First Steps

First Steps gathers every Sunday after The5 for YOU to be able to take your First Steps here at Houston's First.

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Welcome to The5!

The5 is more than just an evening worship service. The5 is a place of community and impact.

The moment you enter, there is opportunity to connect with like-minded hearts who are intent to impact the world for the Gospel.
So become part of The5 and engage in a powerful time of worship and teaching.
Make a difference as you enjoy the hospitality of CornerBooks and partner with Fair Trade ministries across the globe.
Discover your community in a Life Bible Study group.
This is The5. You are The5. We are The5.

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Jarret Garber, Minister to The5

On Sun, May 15, Pastor Gregg Matte announced that Jarret Garber will serve as Minister to The5, playing the role of a venue pastor for our 5p worship service on Sunday evenings at The Loop Campus (see video below).

Jarret is not new to The5 or to Houston's First. He is also Minister to College and Digital Communities at our Downtown Campus, and he's been a frequent speaker and host at The5 over the past year.

“I love The5! I see it as a space for all people to encounter and experience Jesus," says Jarret. "I love that The5 is an authentic environment where worship, discipleship, and community take place."

When asked about what he envisions for The5, Jarret adds, "I see it being a missional community reaching people in Houston with the Gospel. I’m reminded of the words in Isaiah 43:19 — 'Behold, I am doing a new thing…' I’m excited to see what new things God has in store for The5 in the days ahead!”

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Upcoming Events

    Life Bible Studies

    After The5, find community in a Life Bible Study at 6:15p each Sunday.

    Meet Our Staff

    Jarret Garber

    Jarret Garber

    Minister to The5, College, and Digital Communities
    Jarret Garber

    Jarret Garber

    Minister to The5, College, and Digital Communities