On Life, Abortion, and Same-Sex Marriage

Jul 02, 2013

From Austin to Washington, DC, headlines were made the week of June 23 that reflected the shift in America from a God-centered culture to a man-centered one: the Texas showdown over an abortion bill and the Supreme Court rulings related to same-sex marriage.

The following Sunday, as Pastor Gregg Matte looked back at the first 11 chapters of the book of Acts, he talked about how God often works in unexpected ways. We see that in the Bible during the early foundation of the church, and we see it today.

In that context, Pastor Gregg addressed those headlines and the larger cultural issues that they represent. Far from being a red-faced, fist-pounding preacher pointing out the troubles of the world, he addressed the topics from a place of humility and grace — and love.

We encourage you to share this message with others — on both sides of these issues. Pastor Gregg and Houston's First pray that the words God gave him would be a grounding point for followers of Christ as they engage with the world. And for those who do not know Christ, we pray that this message would provide a biblical perspective on current events — one that is free of posters and picket lines.


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