Researchers Seek Your Input

Nov 05, 2013

In January and February of this year, two German researchers from Heidelberg University visited our church to learn about life in a large congregation. Insa Pruisken and Janina Coronel also conducted interviews with some of our Leadership Team staff members during their visit. The project they are working on seeks to provide insights about the ways congregations keep growing and eventually turn into megachurches. Their findings will be used by sociologists to increase their understanding of religious organizations. Also, participating churches will gain insight into their own organizations. Now, the researchers kindly ask that all staff members, volunteers, regular members, and attenders complete their online survey — regardless of which campus you attend. If you would like to participate, click the button here:

Take Survey

The team asks that you complete the survey by Sun, Nov 10. Additional details about the study are provided within the survey. Insa and Janina and their team — and Houston's First's leaders — appreciate your cooperation and input.


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