Reynaldo's Story

Jul 12, 2012

For one rainy week in the hot Houston summer, missionaries from Houston's First shared the Good News of Jesus Christ at 15 sites around town. They endured rush hour traffic to get there, they dealt with the challenges of a rain-soaked week, and they faced an untold number of obstacles the enemy has thrown in their way. Despite it all, they persevered and stuck to their mission.

But why? What motivates these volunteer missionaries from our church family to give up their summer evenings? Reasons vary from person to person -- a love for the inner-city, a love for Kindergarteners, a love for soccer, and so on. But the underlying passion is the same -- to tell others about their Lord and Savior.

Listen to what one missionary, Reynaldo, had to say about why he signed up for the Houston Project. He reminds us that the impact of this week will extend far beyond this final night. And, his personal story reminds us that God is in the restoration business and that it's never too late for any of us to give back to Him.


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