Home Relief Teams


UPDATED: Wed, Sep 20

As Pastor Gregg Matte has said, "When the rains fall, the church rises." The Houston's First family and countless other volunteers have proven that to be true!

Home Relief Teams have wrapped up the task of "mucking out" homes impacted by the Hurricane Harvey floods. Houston's First was asked to help with over 700 homes, and with volunteers from our church family and other groups, the last couple of homes were cleaned out the week of Sep 18-22.

What Do We Do Now?

Cleaning out homes is just one phase of Houston's long recovery process — and Houston's First will continue to love our city along that journey. Staff members and volunteers at the church are looking at how else our church can assist those impacted by the floods — physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Just as relief efforts across the city began organically during the storm — with neighbors helping neighbors and with Life Bible Studies helping their fellow classmates — we encourage each member of Houston's First to continue seeking ways that they can help or encourage those in need. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you then keep your eyes and ears — and heart — open to where He might lead you to show His love!

Soul Care After Harvey

One way you can help others and yourself is to listen to these three Harvey Soul Care sessions that happened at the Loop on Sep 20, Sep 27, and Oct 4.