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Mission Trips

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Our staff is taking all necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of all our teams and partners around the globe. We are prayerfully engaging in US and International mission trips. Each trip has some unique aspects in order to comply with the US and local covid recommendations and restrictions. These requirements are always subject to change. The Missions staff is monitoring these changes closely as we mobilize Houston’s First for missions. One expectation we currently have is that all international mission trip participants will need to be vaccinated. This is not the policy of Houston’s First, but rather the policy of the countries we visit and through which we will transit in these trips.

  • Sienna Serve — Jul 10–13
  • Montana — Aug 29–Sep 4
  • San Diego — Oct 5–9
  • South Asia — Oct 16–26

Trip Details

Sienna Serve

WHEN: July 10–13


CONTACT: Ron Barkley,

Please plan to serve our local community through various work projects from July 10–13, 2023. We will gather on site from 5–7p. Serve location TBD.


WHEN: Aug 29–Sep 4



CONTACT: Tyler Scott,

While in Montana we will be partnering with our friend Jorge Jimenez and YWAM Montana to provide some much needed Missionary Care to the full-time staff at YWAM Lakeside during their annual staff retreat. Our group will be divided into two different teams:

Kitchen / Hospitality Team – This team will be serving the YWAM staff by running the kitchen each day, restocking the snack room, serving coffee between sessions, etc. The team will also assist in a block party that will kick-off the retreat on Wednesday Evening.

Childcare / VBS Team – This team will be providing childcare to the YWAM staff during the retreat for ages birth thru 5th grade. During these times we will be leading the kids through a VBS curriculum, playing games, making arts and crafts, etc. We will also be organizing a game of bubble soccer for all of the YWAM Staff that will be one of the highlights of the week.

At the conclusion of the retreat the team will have the weekend to spend in beautiful Lakeside, Montana to enjoy the breathtaking landscape of this area. Options will include swimming in Flat Head Lake (a lake filled with glacial snow melt), visiting Glacier National Park, and simply enjoying the beauty of the area.

San Diego

WHEN: Oct 5–9


PARTNER: The Hills Community Church

CONTACT: Tom and Cristy Jennings,

We will be serving with a new church called The Hills Community Church. We will help them serve and love their city in San Diego County. The trip will consist in prayer walking the neighborhoods and distributing door hangers. The Hill Community Church will host a Parenting Conference where we will be able to connect with people one-on-one and have a time of live worship. We’ll also enjoy the beautiful beaches of San Diego and eat some great food.

South Asia

WHEN: Oct 16–26


PARTNER: International Mission Board (IMB), South Asia Team

This mission opportunity is for our local campus to join HFBC members from other campuses to minister to missionaries and their children in South Asia. During the week, we will provide childcare, youth activities, service projects as well as counseling and overall encouragement. It is a great opportunity to work alongside our missionaries supporting them as they minister to the ends of the earth.

How to Join a Mission Team

We encourage members of Houston’s First to participate in the worldwide missions movement. To make that possible, we have an established process for joining a mission team or project.

Interest Form

  1. Select an “Interest Form” from the “Trip Details” above.
  2. On the trip’s page, click the “Apply Today” button
  3. Either login or create an account
  4. Complete the application questions provided
  5. Click “Submit Application” when finished
  6. Click “Update My Profile” button when prompted
  7. Complete ALL of the profile questions
  8. Click “Save” when finished
  9. A Missions staff associate will contact you for a phone interview
  10. Once the interview is done, you will receive an email letting you know if you’ve been accepted or not

What to Expect

Once a decision has been made for you to join a specific team, you will receive an email from FOCUS Missions that provides you with a link to be on the team. This is where you will electronically sign waivers and complete your paperwork for your upcoming trip.

Purchase Passport & Visa

We encourage every person to own a passport. The passport cost and visa fees are not included in your team overall cost unless otherwise noted. You can apply to a team prior to securing a passport. If you own a passport, please review it to make sure you have plenty of blank pages (a minimum of 4-5 pages when traveling internationally with multiple stops). Also, verify the expiration date of your passport is six (6) months beyond the date of return to the United States.

If your trip leaves in eight (8) weeks or less and you have not applied for a new passport, please contact the Missions staff or team leader for information on how to expedite your passport.

Team Meetings

All team meetings are required unless providentially hindered. Attendance at these will usually be on a Sunday following morning church worship services. These are led by the team leader.

Mission Trip Financial Information

  1. All trip contributions are non-refundable.
  2. Team membership is NOT secured until deposit is paid.
  3. Trip participant must be fully funded a week prior to the departure date to attend trip.
  4. If you raised $200 or less over the trip cost, it will be transferred to the general mission trip scholarship fund.
  5. If a trip participant raises more than $200 of excess funds, then the following option are available within 60 days:
    1. Funds may be transferred to another trip team member (prior to the trip departure)
    2. Funds can be applied to another person on another trip.
    3. It can be put into the mission trip designated Scholarship account for your future use.
    4. Funds can be transferred to general mission trip scholarship fund.
  6. Trip Cancellation
    1. If a team member withdrawals from the trip due to personal reasons. The following schedule applies:
      1. If participant withdraws Prior to flights being purchased, your deposit is forfeited but no other funds are required
      2. If participant withdraws after the purchase of flights, then the participant is responsible for the airfare cost.
      3. If team member withdrawals within 30 days prior to departure of the trip then the participant is responsible for the full trip cost.
    2. If HFBC cancels a trip due to non participation or security issues. The Participant’s fund have the same options as listed in section 5.