Bryan & Wanda's Wedding

Apr 12, 2013

Bryan Prejean and Wanda Ware met seven years ago at a care center for the homeless in Houston. On Sun, Apr 7, they were married in the first wedding at our Downtown Campus.

Wanda first came to the Downtown Campus at the recommendation of a fellow homeless friend. She admits to coming for the free food she knew she would find, but she decided to stick around for the worship service.

What she heard from Pastor Gregg and what she experienced from the church family there captured her heart — so she came back and invited Bryan to come, too.

They quickly connected with Day By Day — the Life Bible Study taught be Ross Stephenson. Ross is a Deacon and long-time member of Houston's First and was on the original team who launched the Downtown Campus in October 2011.

When Bryan and Wanda got engaged, their class and the Downtown Campus family rallied around them and helped them as they prepared for the big day. In fact, everything that happened for the wedding was donated by the church or members of the church family:

  • Pre-Marital Counseling & Certificate —Juliana Poor Memorial Counseling Center at Houston’s First
  • Wedding Coordinators and Usage of Space — Downtown Campus
  • Dress — Downtown Campus
  • Rings & Veil — Steve & Bobbie Chun
  • Ceremony Decorations — Special Events Department of Houston's First
  • Flowers — Sally Hinzie
  • Hair — Erika Brunson
  • Makeup — Lisa (a friend of Erika Brunson)
  • Photography — Robb Brunson
  • Shoes & Assisting the Bride — Kelly Nicholson
  • Honeymoon to Galveston — Day By Day (Adults) and The Core (Women) Life Bible Studies at Downtown Campus
  • Officiator & Chauffeur to Galveston — Downtown Campus Pastor Lee Hsia

Wanda was given away by Ross, her Life Bible Study teacher. When Campus Pastor Lee asked who gave her to be married, Ross said, "Her church and I give Wanda, our sister in the Lord."

Their story of love and redemption was covered locally by the Houston Chronicle, KTRK (ABC), KHOU (CBS), and others, as well as nationally by ABC and the Huffington Post and other regional news outlets.

Pray for Bryan and Wanda as they begin their life together as husband and wife, and ask God to use their story as real life example of the grace and redemption — and love — that only He can provide.


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