Miracle Baby

Mar 29, 2016

Justice Camp was the size of a water bottle when he came into the world at just 23 weeks into his birth mother’s pregnancy. When Justice’s forever parents Ty and Amanda Camp, members at The Loop Campus, took him home after a three-month stay in the NICU, he topped the scale at a hefty four pounds. Neither the doctors nor the Camps had any idea what the baby’s future would hold.

“The fact that Justice is alive shocked a whole lot of people,” said Amanda. “He didn’t have a brain bleed and never had to have a trachea tube or a feeding tube, but the day before we brought him home the MRI showed his cerebellum was damaged. They didn’t know if he’d just be a little clumsy or if he would ever walk.”

The Camps continued praying for Justice, and recognized that having a big brother to keep up with was turning out to be just the right kind of therapy. “Zachary (two years older) always pushed him to be more physical,” said Amanda, “Justice wants to be just like Zachary. He’s a patient older brother.”

When Justice was two-and-a-half, he took four steps. “It brought his therapist to tears,” said Mom. The next year, he took solid, independent steps across the room. “We’re seeing a miracle happen,” she said. “He’s the most focused, determined person I’ve ever seen.”

The doctors say Justice is cognitively fine, and that his brain is rewiring itself, forming pathways across the damage. “He should not be able to do the things he does,” said Amanda. Though he’s keeping up intellectually with his Mothers’ Day Out classmates, Justice’s doctors say he will need therapy for the first 20 years of his life.

“Modern medicine can’t predict anything with certainty,” she said. “Justice has far surpassed anything anyone expected he could do. We can’t understand the vastness of God. We’re praying for Justice to be all God created him to be.”


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