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Sienna's New Home

Sep 28, 2022

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Our Sienna Campus is located in one of the most diverse counties in the United States and in one of the top-selling master planned communities in the nation, too. As we seek to serve the growing area, Houston's First is preparing for the future by expanding our facility in our prime location thanks to the generosity of our church family toward our two-year Kainos initiative.

  • We launched our Sienna Campus in 2013 in rented space in a retail shopping center. The space where we gathered for worship services held fewer than 100 people at the time, and our Life Bible Studies met in rooms we rented from other tenants in the building.
  • In 2014, we were able to purchase the shopping center and build out a dedicated Worship Center and Life Bible Study classrooms for all ages thanks to the generosity of the Houston’s First family.
  • We moved from two to three Sunday worship services in 2019 to accommodate all of the new people who were coming to make Houston's First their home.

The Sienna Campus facility will expand from approximately 21,000 square feet to around 74,000 square feet, including a Worship Center with 9,300 square feet and seating for at least 600 worshippers. That is more than three times the size of our current Worship Center with 2,759 square feet and seating for just 202 people.

This new home of our Sienna Campus will also include:

  • Large main foyer with dedicated hospitality space
  • Covered walkway connecting new and current building
  • Children’s space with nine Life Bible Study classrooms, two large rooms for worship and other activities
  • Preschool space with 14 rooms, a large worship space, and a nursing mothers’ room
  • Indoor playground
  • Outdoor artificial turn space
  • Office space for staff members
  • 100 new parking spaces

Our existing facility will continue to be used for Student and Adult ministry activities. Adults will have seven Life Bible Study classrooms, and Students will have eight breakout rooms, a gathering/pre-function area, and a large worship space.

Aerial Tour

Interior Tour


Sn 1 Kainos 36X28 Front Entr D1
Sn 3 Kainos 36X28 Sienna Pkwy View1 D1
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Sn 5 Kainos 36X28 First Kids D1
Sn 6 Kainos 36X28 First Kids The Loft D1
Sn 7 Kainos 36X28 Welcome Lobby D1
Sn 8 Kainos 36X28 View From Lobby D1
Sn 9 Kainos 36X28 Drop Off Lobby Entrance D1
Sn 10 Kainos 36X28 Central Lobby D1
Sn 11 Kainos 36X28 First Friends D1
Sn 12 Kainos 36X28 Worship Center2 D1
Sn 13 Kainos 36X28 Worship Center D1


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