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Sundays Are Growing

Feb 02, 2019

Dear Sienna Campus,

Houston’s First – Sienna is witnessing the life-changing impact of the Gospel! People are encountering Jesus, making connections, and finding purpose. Coupled with these blessings are healthy tensions requiring us to walk out our faith in a way that could feel uncomfortable. I’d submit to you that when God’s on the move in the midst of His people (which He is), change occurs. When fresh faith accompanies God-inspired change, growth happens. And when growth happens being uncomfortable is a given, simply because growth always precedes change.

God has given our church the privilege of having to manage the reality of current space limitations. Therefore, to create capacity for a potential congregation, we are launching a 3rd worship service and Life Bible Study hour beginning Sun, Feb 17.
Some of that capacity is for people who are not yet in our church, but will soon be. Another aspect of that capacity is for people who are currently in our church, and need space to give their lives away in volunteering. This plan (seen listed below) provides temporary relief for our current spacing challenges, while we continue to pray, strategize, and assess. This tangible outworking of our church’s mission, vision, and strategy will require everyone in our church, including me, to embrace a new perspective about how we can continue to be a relevant biblical community.
In preparing for this 3rd service, I asked the church back in November to personally answer this question: “God, how can I best serve you and your church during this next chapter?” I trust you have prayerfully wrestled with that question. But if you haven’t received clarity yet, please consider the following: when a vision is truly from the Lord, it will possess two distinct traits: 1) It will bless God, and 2) It will benefit others. This is what each of us truly wants because we know that Life Together > Life Alone.

You have a direct hand in helping us usher in an exciting new chapter in the story God is writing through Houston’s First – Sienna. The staff and deacons of our church greatly appreciate your continued prayers and support as we seek to honor the Lord and properly steward what’s He’s entrusted to us.

In Him,

Campus Pastor Malcolm Marshall

New Sunday Schedule

Our new Sunday schedule at the Sienna Campus begins Sun, Feb 17. Here's what you can expect as we create space for a potential congregation:



    • Campus Pastor Malcolm Marshall (using same text as Pastor Gregg Matte)


    • 2:42 (Jeff & Cindy Anderson) — moving from 11a
    • Abide (James & Hannah Lucas)


    • First Friends (Preschool-Kinder)
    • First Kids (1st-5th) — Kids' Life Bible Studies
    • The HUB Students – Middle & High School (6th-12th) — Life Bible Study



    • Pastor Gregg Matte (live link)


    • Access (Brian & Katie Burkhart) — moving from 11a
    • Devoted (Elliot & Amanda Millican) — moving from 11a


    • First Friends (Preschool-Kinder)
    • First Kids (1st-5th) — Kids' Worship
    • The HUB Students – Middle School (6th-8th) — Life Bible Study



    • Pastor Gregg Matte (live link)


    • Impact Singles (Cat Boutch) — moving from 9:30a
    • Overflow (Lee & Susan Eidson) — moving from 9:30a


    • First Friends (Preschool-Kinder)
    • First Kids (1st-5th) — Kids' Life Bible Studies
    • The HUB Students – High School (9th-12th) — Life Bible Study


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