Your Mission 1:8 Story

Jan 13, 2015

Ever wondered why some stories affect us the way they do? Occasionally, we hear a story that moves us, takes root in the soul and compels us to feel and act in ways that may surprise us.

Saints in tent meetings who ‘testified’ of God’s goodness in their lives knew a thing or two about the power of a God story. Technology may now be the norm in delivery, but the sharing of personal testimonies, regardless of the method, encourages others to a deeper faith.

God has done an incredible work of unprecedented generosity in the hearts of Houston’s First members during MISSION 1:8. Over the course of the two-year initiative, a few stories began surfacing about changes God is making in the hearts and lives of those who accepted Pastor Gregg’s challenge of giving beginning in March 2013.

  • One couple made a personal goal to do whatever it took to fulfill their commitment to MISSION 1:8. A piece of property they had taken off the market months earlier due to lack of interest sold (without a Realtor) soon after they determined to give. The entire proceeds of the sale allowed them to meet their MISSION 1:8 commitment.
  • A 12-year-old girl made a decision to give to MISSION 1:8 and received donations from as far away as California.
  • A couple’s business was in a period of transition and the expectation was a decrease in their yearly income. They made a commitment to MISSION 1:8 in spite of the outlook and the company celebrated its best year ever.

These are just three stories of God’s faithfulness that showcase His goodness and provision for those who take a step of faith in giving.

Are you one who was encouraged during MISSION 1:8 to give for the first time, give occasionally or intentionally, begin tithing or giving extravagantly? If you are, would you be willing to share your story with others who need to know that God is faithful to provide?

If you or someone you know has a God-inspired MISSION 1:8 story related to generosity, please share it with Susan Murphy ( to get the conversation started. Before your story is shared with others, we'll connect with you to make sure we represent it well.

Thank you in advance for sharing your story and allowing others to be encouraged by what God has done!

NOTE: Sensitive financial information is unknown to those outside the Financial Services office and will never be shared for any reason.


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