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Shuttle Parking

A mission field across the street

On Sunday mornings, members and regular attenders of Houston's First are asked to use shuttle parking locations so first time guests and those with physical limitations can park on campus. This simple act of making room for more people to attend our church is one of the most simple yet impactful ways you can help spread the Gospel message. Consider shuttle parking a mission field with no passport required!

Shuttle Parking Map March 2020

Marq*E Entertainment Center

  • Located across I-10 from Houston's First
  • Park on levels 1-5 of the parking garage
  • Board the shuttle by designated "Shuttle Stop" signage between the garage and the back side of the entertainment center
  • Shuttles run from 6:30a to 2p
  • Shuttles drop off and pick up at three locations — watch for signage on each shuttle to see where it is headed:
    • West — Main Foyer entrance
    • East — Garden Room entrance
    • South — Fitness & Recreation Center

701 N. Post Oak (Lafayette Garage)

  • Located behind the 701 N. Post Oak office building
  • Park on either the lower or upper levels, except in "No Parking" areas
  • Walk to the church across the south parking lot

Forum Garage

  • Located behind The Forum tower (to the left of The Forum on the map above)
  • Park on only the roof
  • Exit the garage using the stairs or elevator facing The Forum tower
  • Walk to the church across the south parking lot