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Summer Reading Challenge Celebration

Come join the end of the Summer Reading Challenge with our come-and-go Celebration! Wednesday, August 23rd from 4:30–6:30p in CornerBooks Library.
This will be a casual come and go event where we will have stations set up with prizes, based upon age groups (Children, Youth, Adult). Pre-determined lists will indicate those who qualify to choose a prize. Everyone will receive a SRC bag tag and those who complete the 3 point challenge will also receive a special challenge packet.
This will be an opportunity to "check out" the prizes, "checkout" more books from CornerBooks, as well as time to "check out" the courses offered during MidLink in the Fall! Certainly, an evening you will not want to miss.

Reading Challenge Grand Prizes

Below is a list of the grand prizes for the Summer Reading Challenge. You do NOT need to be present to win.

  • A.D. Players — Ticket set worth $400
  • RJ's Boot Company — One pair baby calf skin boots
  • Darlene's Flower & Gift Shop — “Today is Going to Be Awesome” basket
  • Chick-Fil-A at I-10 and Silber Road — Catering basket worth $175
  • Celebration — Family 4 pack of tickets

Additional Supporters

All of these prizes and more will be distributed from 4:30–6:30p on Wednesday, August 23rd in CornerBooks Library. You must be present to choose these prizes.

June Competition Winners

The Book That Changed My Life:

Christy by Catherine Marshall, submitted by Pat Kaylor — 1st Place

I was about twelve years old when I read Christy which details her life as a teacher to those in the Appalachian Mountains. Although I was a churchgoer, I did not have a clear understanding of the gospel. However, that book created a longing within me to do something similar with my life. Shortly thereafter I did become a Christian and God made His plan even clearer. It was then that I knew I wanted to be a nurse and work on the mission field. That desire stayed strong throughout high school and college. Truly He used a book to plant a seed and brought it to fruition as I went on to spend three years in Swaziland as a nurse.

The Respect Dare by Nina Roesner, submitted by Stephanie Lopez — 2nd Place

Other than the Bible, which has and will continue to shape my life, the book that most impacted and changed the course of my life is The Respect Dare. During the most difficult period of my marriage, I recalled The Love Dare from a movie I had watched a few years earlier, but knowing that God instructs us women to “respect” our husbands, I desperately sought and discovered The Respect Dare. During this 40-day journey, which went past 40 days for me, I drew the closest to God I had ever been in my life. Then, the consequential outcome of this was hearing from my husband, “I know what you were doing…you were winning my heart.” He said this without knowing (to this day) that I was doing “the respect dare” and a few days before he got on his knees and asked for my forgiveness for what he had done. The book veered my marriage from near divorce to a deep relationship with God and with my husband, which has lasted for years after. I wish many women experience the outcome I experienced all because of obedience to God’s word.

The Narrow Road by Brother Andrew, submitted by Hayley Gustafson — 3rd Place

My parents gave me The Narrow Road on my 13th birthday. I loved reading, but my favorite genres were mysteries and science fiction. I would rather read Nancy Drew or 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea than Christian missionary biographies, which sounded stale and boring. However, after running out of books to read, I picked up The Narrow Road and was instantly drawn into the life story of Brother Andrew, the Bible Smuggler. What captured my 13-year-old mind most of all was the way that God did miracles again and again in Brother Andrew’s life. I remember crying, overwhelmed, as God did miracles that protected and provided for His children and that furthered the Gospel to places and cultures that seemed without hope. I saw real evidence that God is still doing miracles, now, in my lifetime! This book changed my life because it showed me that God is just as powerful and in control as He was in ancient times and that He can do unfathomable miracles in the lives of ordinary people who are seeking first His kingdom.

Illustrate Your Own Book Cover:

  • A Queen's Courage by Cara Baker — Children — 1st Place
  • Be...The Change by Lillian Robertson — Youth — 1st Place
  • The Beauty of God's Creation by Evelyn Robertson — 2nd Place
  • The Hawk by Javier Lopez — 3rd Place

Honorable Mention:

  • The Very Best Rainbow by Grace Chiok
  • The Missionary Bucket Boy by Layla Cantrell

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    Summer Reading Challenge Celebration

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