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Common Ground

Pastoral Care

Facilitator: Chris Jee

Common Ground is a caregiver assistance program that provides a place and time for caregivers to meet, talk, share resources, learn and provide support.

This meeting is held in conjunction with Monday GPS, a gathering designed to meet the needs of adults diagnosed with early to moderate stages of memory loss due to dementia, stroke, or injury.

This is one of many classes and events offered at Houston's First through Milestones — a framework of adult discipleship that extends beyond Life Bible Studies to equip people in a particular stage of life, crisis or in general discipleship. Explore the other opportunities on the Milestones page.

Event Details

  • Series Monthly on the 1st Monday
  • DateMon, Jun 03, 2024
  • Time 10:00am–1:30pm
  • Where The Loop Campus (Fellowship Center)