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The inventory at CornerBooks is strategically selected to extend the message, ministry, and mission of Houston's First. On our shelves, you will find:

Messages — Since Pastor Gregg Matte's message are readily available through various free and easy-to-use online channels such as our website, our Facebook page, our YouTube channel, and our podcast, CornerBooks no longer provides messages on CDs or tapes. If you need more information about these channels, stop by and ask a CornerBooks team member for assistance.

    Bibles — Being biblical is at the center of the church's vision of being a “relevant biblical community.” Various styles of the Christian Standard Bible and other translations are available for you to choose from—for yourself or for a friend.

    • Free Bibles — When the Worship Center at The Loop Campus was renovated in 2008, Houston's First began placing Bibles in the seatback literature holders (rather than hymnals). Inside each one is a label inviting people to take the Bible with them if they do not already have a Bible for themselves. These free Bibles are also available inside CornerBooks.

    Milestones Resources — These books and study guides are hand-picked by staff members as tools to help you “grow your soul.” Whether it’s for a class or for your own reading, explore what titles may be right for you at this season of your life.

    First Family — Blessed by gifted authors and musicians within our church, CornerBooks proudly provides several books and CDs by members of Houston’s First.

    CornerBooks Select — In addition to all the great resources mentioned above, we've selected some additional titles and authors that we think you'll enjoy.

    Correspondence — Pick up a journal for taking notes or a greeting card for writing a note. CornerBooks offers a selection of stationery items for your personal use or to share with a friend.

    Devotionals — Every year the church selects a devotional. The devotional for 2021 is All to Jesus by Robert J. Morgan. This devotional, along with previous years' devotionals are available at CornerBooks. The Read for Today reading guide is available to print out and follow along or you can purchase a Read for Today journal in CornerBooks.