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The expenses involved in the adoption process can often be a difficult hurdle for families who are called by God to bring a child into their homes. That's why Houston's First and the Legacy685 Adoption & Orphan Care Ministry established the Legacy685 Adoption Assistance Fund – to help as many children and families experience the blessing of adoption as our collective resources will allow. This unique resource is funded by individual contributions from church members and friends of Houston's First.

We are partnering with Lifesong for Orphans, a non-profit orphan care ministry, to administer the distribution of funds earmarked for applicant families from Houston's First. The Fund offers matching grants and/or interest-free covenant loans to applicants who meet certain established parameters. The Legacy685 Ministry at Houston's First establishes the vision and direction for the Fund, as well as making known the opportunity for people to contribute financially.

Financial assistance through the Legacy 685 fund is available to qualifying, Christian families. For more information or an application, please contact Kasey Mathew at .


The Legacy685 Adoption Assistance Fund is made possible by donations from the Houston's First family and friends of the church. Follow the link below to make a secure online donation and help move families one step closer to realizing the blessing of adoption.

The Legacy685 Adoption Assistance Fund is made possible by donations