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Global Care

Legacy 68:5

"Learn to do good;
Seek justice,
Correct oppression;
Bring justice to the fatherless..."
Isaiah 1:17

It’s often said "that there are 150 million orphaned children worldwide and 17.6 million double orphans, who have lost both parents.” But what does that really mean? Is there really a need for 150+ million families to adopt or is there another way to read the statistics? Legacy 68:5 is committed to reframing the narrative and guiding The Church to more informed and intentional responses to the global orphan care crisis. To understand more on the numbers and statistics click here.

Over the last ten years, God has been stirring the heart of Houston’s First Baptist Church to strategically partner with ministries who are caring for the fatherless by providing long-term holistic care. Adoption and foster care are unfortunately not possible for all of these children; however, through intentional interaction with our partners, Houston’s First is able to encourage, uplift, and support thousands of children's journeys toward healing and hope in Christ.

What can you do to help?

PRAY intentionally for the Fatherless

Make it PERSONAL through an Advocacy Trip with Houstons First!

Make caring for the orphan & vulnerable child a PERMANENT part of the rhythm of your life.

What Our Partners Are Saying...

"Over the past few years, our partnership with HFBC/Legacy 68:5 has not only brought us opportunities and greater capacities to serve, it has impacted who we are a as a ministry. The care we have received through counseling, timely encouragement, fresh ideas and opportunities to collaborate have brought stability and life to the members of our team. This partnership has been an instrument of God to not only expand His kingdom but to shepherd our souls as we serve side-by-side in very difficult but meaningful work. Overall, this partnership has reminded us that we are not alone and that the most importante work that God calls us to do is work that we do together. The relationships we have as a result of this partnership empower us to serve and also to live God and others with more integrity, surrender and endurance."
— David McCormick | Executive Director, Alianza Cristiana para los Huérfanos