Are You Ready to Commit?

Feb 11, 2013

Pastor Gregg's 5-week message series about MISSION 1:8 will end with Commitment Day on Sun, Feb 24. On that day, the Houston's First family will submit their completed commitment cards indicated the amount they plan to contribute to the MISSION 1:8 budget over the next two years.

But before the church family is asked to make their commitments, volunteers and leaders within our church will submit their completed cards at an Advance Commitment Rally on Wed, Feb 13, in the Worship Center at 7p. They will lead the way by coming forward to express their support for the vision of MISSION 1:8.

While volunteers and leaders are encouraged to attend, the Advance Commitment Rally is actually open to anybody in the Houston's First family. If you support MISSION 1:8 and just cannot wait until Feb 24 to submit your commitment, then come to the rally on Feb 13 and join us as we take the next step on this journey.


Regular MidLink programming will not take place on Wed, Feb 13, including music rehearsals and Milestones classes. However, MidLink Café will be open and programs for birth through students will take place, too.

  • 4:45–6:45p — MidLink Café (Fellowship Ctr)
  • 6p — Programming for birth–K (Preschool Suite), 1st–5th (Fitness & Rec Ctr) and 6th–12th (HUB Student area)
  • 6:30p — Worship Center doors open
  • 7p — MISSION 1:8 Advance Commitment Rally (Worship Ctr)

Thru the Roof will also be open so that our families who have children and adults with special needs can attend the rally. They will gather in Rm 324 & 326.

Continue to pray for MISSION 1:8 and what it will do to share God's love and His Gospel among the poor, widows, orphans, and prisoners, and in our city, our nation and our world.


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