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Grow AT Home

Parent Resources

... a churchwide commitment to encourage spiritual growth at home.

As parents, the combination of discipleship at church AND in the home, is essential to us raising kids ready to launch into the adult world. And that’s our goal – to help you prepare your child to LAUNCH well!

The Home


Parents loving, communicating, and teaching their kids to follow Jesus as they follow Jesus.

The Church


Age-graded ministries loving, communicating, and teaching kids to follow Jesus in a way that reflects discipleship at home.

We want to assist parents in the process of disciple-making.So, we have designed Celebrations, Experiences and Tools to help parents disciple at each stage of the journey.

Grow AT Home Celebrations

Events that celebrate the impact of growth at church and in the home.

Parent Commitment (infants through 12 months)

First Grade Bible Presentation (kids entering 1st grade)

Welcome to the HUB - 5th Grade Launch (kids entering 6th grade)

Senior Celebration (graduating high school seniors)

Parent Path Classes

The Art of Parenting
301 >> Life Stage

Session: 1 (Jan 27–Mar 3)
Every Wed @ 6:30-7:30p — The Loop (Rm 336) and Online
T Kirk and Kristen Phifer
C or

This interactive and collaborative study will help parents make faith the core of their parenting with intentional, biblical teaching and Christ-centered plans. Parents will end the experience with renewed confidence, fresh insights on raising children at different ages, and a parenting plan unique to each child’s personality and gifting. Don’t miss this opportunity to set up a parenting framework that is biblical, reliable, and intentional at aiming your child’s heart toward God (Psalm 127:4).

Culture Conversations
301 >> Life Stage

Session: 1 (Jan 27–Mar 3)
Every Wed @ 6:30-7:30p — The Loop (Rm 333) and online
F HUB Staff, various speakers

As a parent do you find it hard to talk to your student about rising issues in the culture around us? Culture Conversations is a 6-week course geared toward parents of teenagers to help them talk about a variety of cultural issues facing teens and themselves today! Topics to be covered are: Suicide & Depression, Anxiety in Teens, Understanding Gen Z, Talks about Race, Balancing Technology in the Home, and Options After High School. Each will be taught by a different teacher but hosted in-person and online by the same facilitator. This is a great way to gather information and start having those tough conversations with your student.

Special Moms and Dads
301 >> Special Situation

Sessions: 1–2 (Jan 27–Apr 28)
Every Wed @ 6:30-8p — The Loop (Rm 322) and Online
T Daniel Williams

Special needs parents face unique challenges. This class will explore many of those issues to help parents develop a strategy to thrive no matter the circumstances.

Keeping Kids Safe in a Digital Age
301 >> Life Stage

Session: 2 (Mar 24–Apr 28)
Every Wed @ 6:30-8p — The Loop (Rm 336)
T Breanna Fetkavich

In the past 9 months, technology has been a larger part of our lives than ever before in human history! While technology is beneficial in so many ways, it also puts our children at risk for sexual exploitation. Many of our children are learning online this year and many of them aren’t able to have constant supervision while using their technology. Unfortunately, sexual predators are taking full advantage of this and we have a responsibility to protect them. In fact, 79,000 children in Texas are sexually exploited every year and 75% of those children are first approached by the predator online. Providing a safe environment for students while using technology has never been more important and we want to equip you to do so. During this class, we will empower you to have meaningful conversations with your children about sex and sexuality through a Christ centered perspective. This class is appropriate for parents, grandparents, teachers or caregivers of children of all ages 2 to 20.

Seminars and Conferences

Discipleship Conference, Sat, Aug 21, 2021
Houston’s First – The Loop Campus
Track devoted to Parents
More info coming Summer, 2021

Grow AT Home Experiences

One-day or weekend events designed for parents to teach a value (service, purity, responsibility, etc.) in a way that is interactive and fun.

  • 3rd Grade and Above: Family Israel Trip — March 10–20, 2022
  • 8th Grade: Outback Texas — TBA

Here’s our TOP Five list of how to start making disciples of your child:

  1. Use dinner time to pray and to talk about spiritual things.
  2. Encourage them to read their Bible (or read to them) each day and plan a weekly time to discuss what your family is learning.
  3. Ask how you can pray for them and then do!
  4. Encourage them to talk about their faith as part of their everyday experiences.
  5. Fall in love with Jesus yourself and share that experience with your son or daughter.

Grow AT Home Toolbox App

The Grow at Home app is a toolbox for parents, full of resources that focus on a specific topic for the year. Available NOW in the App Store and Play Store (search "Grow At Home").

Resources in Corner Books

Each of our NextGen ministries have recommended resources available for you to review and purchase in Corner Books. Just look for the Gas Pump!