Grow AT Home

Parent Resources

... a churchwide commitment to encourage spiritual growth at home.

As parents, the combination of discipleship at church AND in the home, is essential to us raising kids ready to launch into the adult world. And that’s our goal – to help you prepare your child to LAUNCH well!

The Home


Parents loving, communicating, and teaching their kids to follow Jesus as they follow Jesus.

The Church


Age-graded ministries loving, communicating, and teaching kids to follow Jesus in a way that reflects discipleship at home.

We want to assist parents in the process of disciple-making.So, we have designed Celebrations, Experiences and Tools to help parents disciple at each stage of the journey.

Grow AT Home Celebrations

Events that celebrate the impact of growth at church and in the home.

Parent Commitment (infants through 12 months)

Welcome to First Kids Breakfast Bash (kids entering 1st grade)

First Grade Bible Presentation (kids entering 1st grade)

Welcome to the HUB - 5th Grade Launch (kids entering 6th grade)

Senior Celebration (graduating high school seniors)

Parent Path Classes

Building a House of Faith
(Parents of children Birth – K)

Wednesdays, Aug 28–Oct 2 @ 6:30–7:30p — The Loop (Rm 336B)
T Jeanne Bolin

Come along for the journey as a homeschooling mother of eight and ministry wife for over 40 years shares the construction and building of her home and family. Passing along the treasures of her character-building stories, she will give parents a tool to impact their lives and the lives of their children. Her creative ideas and personal testimonies of God’s grace and direction will encourage parents to choose life! Her objective: to start a fire within your home that will someday burn around the world! Note end time of 7:30p!

Raising Kids with a Faith that Lasts
(Parents of children 1st–5th grade)

Wednesdays, Aug 28–Oct 2 @ 6:30–8p — The Loop (Rm 334B)
F Rett and Cindy Rabe

This study introduces you to one of your greatest privileges - helping your child begin a relationship with God. You’ll see how everyday conversations, family fun, and purposeful projects build spiritual foundations your son or daughter can rely on for a lifetime and beyond. Featuring expert advice from Dr. Tim Kimmel, Dr. Greg Smalley, Mark Holmen, and Larry Fowler.

How to Love On your Anxious & Depressed Teen
(Parents of students 6th–12th grade)

Wednesdays, Aug 28–Oct 2 @ 6:30–8p — The Loop (Rm 333)
F HUB Staff

A recent study showed that over 70% of GenZ students identified anxiety and depression as something they deal with. In this class we will address some of the root causes and how as parents we can best encourage and equip our kids.

Seminars and Conferences

Refuel: Parenting with Purpose Conference

Sun, Aug 25 @ 9:15a, 10:45a or 6:30p (during LBS times) — The Loop Campus
For those who LOVE, INFLUENCE, and LEAD kids from Birth through High School

Are you interested in seeing kids own their faith and walk with God for a lifetime? Do you want to be equipped to disciple kids (or grandkids) in their faith? Are you unsure of what resources are available or how to use them to disciple?

Just attend during your normal Life Bible Study hour and join other parents in becoming better parents!

No charge and no registration needed.

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Grow AT Home Experiences

One-day or weekend events designed for parents to teach a value (service, purity, responsibility, etc.) in a way that is interactive and fun.

  • 3rd Grade and Above: Family Israel Trip — Spring Break 2021
  • 8th Grade: Outback Texas — Spring 2020

Here’s our TOP Five list of how to start making disciples of your child:

  1. Use dinner time to pray and to talk about spiritual things.
  2. Encourage them to read their Bible (or read to them) each day and plan a weekly time to discuss what your family is learning.
  3. Ask how you can pray for them and then do!
  4. Encourage them to talk about their faith as part of their everyday experiences.
  5. Fall in love with Jesus yourself and share that experience with your son or daughter.

Grow AT Home Toolbox App

The Grow at Home app is a toolbox for parents, full of resources that focus on a specific topic for the year. Available NOW in the App Store and Play Store (search "Grow At Home").