A Familiar Voice

Feb 08, 2015

A New York native, Bill Hughes moved to Texas where burglary fed a crack addiction that eventually landed him in the Jester III Unit in Fort Bend County. During the course of his nine-year sentence, Bill gave his life to the Lord and became a prison trustee as well as a regular listener to Pastor Gregg’s sermons each Sunday morning on KHCB, a Christian radio station in Houston.

After being released, Bill moved to Houston and got a temporary job downtown. His bus route dropped him off for work near the intersection of Lamar and Fannin where he picked up a copy of the Houston Press. In the pages he found an ad for a church with a downtown campus — at Lamar and Fannin! The first time he attended a worship service on Sunday morning, Bill heard a familiar voice before he saw the video stream.

“I knew that voice immediately,” said Bill. “I had no idea what Gregg Matte looked like until that moment. God had led me to the church of the pastor I had been listening to on the radio all those years.”

Since connecting with our Downtown Campus and joining Houston’s First, Bill and Ministry Associate Peter Lee have become friends.

“I’ve been one of Bill’s accountability partners and have seen God at work in his life, both in having authentic Christian community and giving him favor at work,” said Peter. “Bill has been hired full-time after receiving a promotion for his hard work. He is also giving his life away by serving on the Welcome Team and as an active member of the Day-by-Day Life Bible Study.”

Bill was touched by the number of ministries Houston’s First supports to bless so many communities and he was drawn in by the message Pastor Gregg preached each Sunday. “He probably doesn’t realize the great contribution he makes to the prison community,” said Bill. “I’m proof.”


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