Healing Hands

Mar 28, 2016

It was scary for Suzan Mayoli, a member at The Loop Campus, when unexplained pains in her elbow and back progressed in one day to an inability to stand or walk. Whispering MRI technicians in the ER told her that the prognosis must not be good. After a short convalescence at a place she had previously volunteered, God showed up with healing hands.

“‘You’re very sick,’ a neurologist told me,” said Suzan. “A multiple sclerosis misdiagnosis turned out to be neuromyelitis optica (NMO), an autoimmune disease with no known treatment or cure.”

The disease progressed rapidly and Suzan became confined to a wheelchair as doctors scrambled to slow the deterioration. Meanwhile, the insurance company refused to pay for acute rehabilitation therapy. Being single, Suzan had no one to care for her at home, so she was released to The Forum, next door to The Loop Campus, to convalesce and for physical and occupational therapy.

“I had visited patients there as a volunteer through my Life Bible Study, ” she said.

Suzan initially struggled with depression at being in a nursing home, but her room at The Forum quickly became a prayer center. Visitors could come and go anytime, which would not have been the case at a rehab hospital. Nurses, technicians, other residents, and visitors from Houston’s First and the Pastoral Care team came regularly. God was tangibly answering prayer in the lives of those with whom Suzan prayed.

“Believers carry life, and the Gospel,” she said. “He is the hope of glory no matter where you are.”

After three-and-a-half weeks, benefits dried up at The Forum, but the insurance company conceded on her last day there and provided benefits for acute therapy at a rehab hospital.

A friend picked her up from The Forum and took her to a healing service at a church she had been attending when illness struck. “As they prayed over me, I could feel healing come to my hand and legs. I was able to stand on my own — and even walked across the room,” she said.

She traded the wheelchair for a walker and had to relearn most everything, including walking steadily. In the weeks following rehabilitation Suzan was able to start working — with a cane in tow. “The doctor said it should have taken more than a year to get to that point,” she said.

Suzan began working out again and now months later, she’s in the best shape ever. She also began taking seminary classes.

“When you can’t do anything for yourself, God sends ‘family’ to be around you,” said Suzan. “You find out who your friends are, and what your faith is.”


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