Lovin' From the Oven

May 06, 2013

Houston is blessed to have an abundance of world-class hospitals — and top-notch personnel to provide care for those in need.

As part of the Global Association of Christian Hospitality Professionals (GACHP) Lovin' From The Oven project, the Culinary Services staff at Houston's First is providing cookies this week for the nursing staff at two local institutions — St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital and Texas Children's Hospital. These fresh-baked treats will be our way of saying "thank you" to the men and women who dedicate their lives to caring for patients.

Paul Sofka, our Culinary Services Director, invites people to join them in this project by volunteering on Thu, May 9, or Fri, May 10. Here's what they'll be doing and how you can help:

Thu, May 9

  • 7:30a-2p — Bake the cookies in the kitchen at Houston's First (The Loop)
  • 9a — Begin packaging cookies
  • 3p — Deliver cookies to St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital (Texas Medical Center)

Fri, May 10

  • 3p — Deliver cookies to Texas Children's Hospital (Texas Medical Center)

If you would like to volunteer — for just an hour or all day long — contact Paul Sofka at Paul.Sofka@HoustonsFirst.org or 713.957.5840. He might even let you taste test the goodies, too!


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