MISSION 1:8 - Multisite Campus Update

Sep 17, 2013

Our three Campus Pastors provide an update on what God is doing around the greater Houston area through the ministry of Houston's First Baptist Church.

First, you'll hear from Jeff Rees from the Sienna Campus. The Sienna Campus is located at 4309 Sienna Parkway, just a short distance off of Highway 6. That's where they gather on Sundays and for other gatherings throughout the week.

Lee Hsia shares what's going on at the Downtown Campus. This campus gathers on Sundays at 1010 Lamar in the tunnel level, and has a Ministry Center located in the Vine Street Studios.

Finally, Cypress Campus Pastor Jason Swiggart talks about what God is doing on the northwest side of town. The Cypress Campus gathers at Smith Middle School on Sundays, and at their Ministry Center at Hwy 290 and Telge the rest of the week.

Even if you've never been to The Loop Campus, we invite you to visit one of these three campuses — and tell your neighbors or co-workers about them, too! You may know somebody who lives near a campus who is looking for a church home.


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