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Praying Giving Going

Jan 29, 2017

The Houston’s First family is in a season of PRAYING, GIVING and GOING as we pursue special opportunities God has placed before our church. Of course, the acts of praying, giving and going are not restricted to just four months. These expressions of our faith happen throughout the year.

However, we are turning our attention to each one as described below as God leads us through some exciting times of growth for us as individuals and as a community.


In early January, our church family was invited to pray and fast in some form — replacing a physical need with a spiritual plea. Perhaps fasting will become a regular expression of your faith beyond January as you encounter Him in a new way! We've provided some helpful resources to support and encourage you during a fast — whenever you choose to follow one.


On Sun, Feb 26, at every campus, we had a day of giving as we contributed to the renovation of 1730 Jefferson — the new home of our Downtown Campus on an entire city block in downtown Houston. Visit the Downtown Project page to learn about the property and to see just how generous our church family was as we seek to turn this office building into a church building we can use to reach our city.


Our church family at every campus will be asked to step up and serve, and those at The Loop are asked to pray about stepping out and going to a campus where they can engage in what God is doing in their community. Visit the GOING page for helpful information about how you can step up or step out — or both!

"Exciting Next Steps"

Pastor Gregg Matte introduced the PRAYING, GIVING and GOING emphasis in early January in a message about the "Exciting Next Steps" before us. As he cast the vision for our church, he focused on the story of Jesus calling Peter out of the boat even in the midst of uncertainty (Matthew 14:22-32), and on God's promise where He tells us, "Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and incomprehensible things you do not know." (Jeremiah 33:3)


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