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Thank You, Beth!

Mar 06, 2014

In an aerobics class at Houston's First in the 1980s, the instructor would faithfully share a devotional with the group of ladies in their leotards and leg warmers. From that humble beginning, God continued to grow her as a teacher of His Word. Today, Beth Moore is a best-selling author and Bible teacher with an international impact.

For years, Beth and her Living Proof Ministries have provided the women of Houston with an interdenominational Bible study on Tuesday nights at The Loop Campus of Houston's First. Over 3,000 women from throughout the area come for live worship and to hear God's Word proclaimed.

On Feb 25, Beth shared that the current semester would be the last one of her Tuesday night studies at Houston's First. She heard a speaker at a conference last year tell the audience, "Stop sowing the same fields." After much prayer, she discerned that God was telling her the same thing.

To thank her for her 29 years of teaching at Houston's First, Pastor Gregg Matte and his wife Kelly presented Beth with a gift from the church on the last night of the semester. As Pastor Gregg explained, the gift was symbolic for several reasons:

  • It was hand-made by a member of Houston's First, symbolizing the hard work Beth has shown in delivering quality teaching.
  • The piece is shaped like a shield, representing the shield of faith (Ephesians 6).
  • Jesus hung on a tree to pay for our sins (Galatians 3).
  • The tree's visible rings of growth represent how her teaching has grown our hearts.

Our thanks to Beth and the Living Proof team for providing the women of our city with an opportunity to gather in His name!


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