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Unanswered Tour

Oct 15, 2017

"... if Christ has not been raised, then our proclamation is without foundation, and so is your faith."

— 1 Corinthians 15:14

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is essential to the Christian faith. In that moment, He conquered death itself, removing its power over those who accept Him as their Savior.

Beginning the morning the stone rolled away, people have doubted the miraculous resurrection. His body was stolen. He never really died. Numerous explanations have been offered either out of disbelief or as an attempt to discredit Jesus.

So, what is the best evidence for the bodily resurrection of Jesus?

Jeremiah J. Johnston, Ph.D.On Sun, Oct 22, Houston's First welcomes Jeremiah J. Johnston, Ph.D., as he addresses that question in a message called "Body of Proof: Seven Reasons We Know Jesus Rose from the Dead."

Dr. Johnston is President of the Christian Thinkers Society and Associate Professor of Early Christianity at Houston Baptist University. He is coming to Houston's First as part of the Unanswered Tour as it visits 50 states in three years addressing difficult questions and tough issues of the Christian faith. The tour is presented by the Museum of the Bible and Christian Thinkers Society (see below).

In addition to Dr. Johnston, Cary Summers, president of the Museum of the Bible, will be interviewed by Pastor Gregg Matte during the worship services at The Loop Campus. Dr. Johnston's message will be heard live at The Loop and by video at our Cypress, Downtown, and Sienna Campuses on Sun, Oct 22. Our Español Campus will hear his message by video with Spanish overdubbing on Sun, Oct 29.

Finally, as a gift for the Houston's First family, Dr. Johnston is providing a free copy of his book, Unanswered — one copy per family. The books will be distributed following the worship services at each of our campuses. If you attend The Loop Campus, stop by the Main Foyer to meet Dr. Johnston at his book signing table.

Tour Sponsors

Christian Thinkers Society

The mission of the Christian Thinkers Society is to teach Christians to become thinkers and thinkers to become Christians. This resident institute located at Houston Baptist University will have information and resources available at The Loop Campus on Sun, Oct 22.

Museum of the Bible

This new 430,000 square foot Museum of the Bible located three blocks from the United States Capitol in Washington, DC, is scheduled to open in November 2017. Houston's First is a member of the museum's Founders Circle having contributed financially to the endeavor, and representatives will be at The Loop Campus on Sun, Oct 22, with information about this "innovative, global, educational institution whose purpose is to invite all people to engage with the history, narrative and impact of the Bible."


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