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Group Counseling

Counselor led groups are a fee-based service and they are led by professional counselors here at the church.

Men of Integrity Open Group

This is a confidential therapy group for men who struggle with compulsive behavior, including those who have difficulty with internet pornography or same-sex attraction or behaviors. Call for a confidential screening appointment with Myles Schutte at 713.335.6462. This group is open so you can start at any time and there is no set ending date.

Facilitator: Myles Schutte
Meeting: Thursdays, starting Feb 6
Time: 5:30–7p or 7:30–9p
Cost: $50 per session
Contact: for more information.

Anxiety Group for Adult Females

Facilitators: Josephine Roh and Becky Lee
Meeting: Tuesdays, starting Feb 4
Time: 7–8:30p
Contact: for more information.

Rid of My Disgrace (8 weeks)

This group is an introduction into processing sexual assault. In discussing the book/workbook Rid of My Disgrace, we will address the effects of sexual assault with the biblical message of grace and redemption. Jesus responds to your pain and past. Your story does not end with the assault. Your life was intended for more than shame, guilt, despair, pain, and denial. The assault does not define you or have the last word on your identity. Yes, it is part of your story, but not the end of your story. The cost of the curriculum for this group is $25.

Facilitator: Josephine Roh
Meeting: Fridays, starting Sep 6
Time: 12–1:30p
Contact: for more information.

Healing the Wounded Heart (For Women)

Healing the Wounded Heart is a therapy group for women who have experienced sexual abuse. Those that have gone through abuse have many confusing emotions and deep hurts that others just cannot seem to understand. Group members will walk together and support one another as they seek healing. This group is a great next step after Rid My Disgrace.

Facilitator: Josephine Roh
Meeting: Mondays, starting Feb 10
Time: 6–7:30p
Cost: $50 per week and members will purchase "Healing The Wounded Heart" book and workbook by Dan Allender.
Contact: for more information.

Domestic Abuse Recovery Group

Meeting: Starting in February
Call the Counseling Office at 713.335.6462 for more information.

Grief Processing Group

Loss — something we all have experienced or will. In experiencing a loss, a natural response is to grieve. Yet, sometimes we avoid it or simply are uncomfortable in allowing ourselves to feel those emotions. The primary focus of this group will be on giving attendees a safe place to talk and share. Some coping skills will be presented but the primary focus will be on offering support to one another.

Facilitator: Chris Jee
Meeting: Tuesdays
Time: 12–2p
Contact: for more information.