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Grow Opportunities


Grow with us!

To participate in one of our Grow opportunities, just show up any time! These groups are especially convenient for people who are unable to attend every week due to travel or work obligations. To get more information about our weekly grow opportunities please check with your leaders in your Summit Life Bible Study class.

Haven't found a Life Bible Study yet?

No problem. Browse through our list of Studies and Classes above. You can also, contact us if you have any questions or just visit with us this Sunday.

Mid-week Bible Studies

Summit provide opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship through weekly mid-week bible study opportunities. All of the mid-week/small group options are organized thru our Life Bible Study Classes (above). We offer two types of mid-week options:

  1. Koinonia
  2. Milestones

Grow Groups offer a place to come together and grow in your knowledge and love of God as you develop friendships with others.

— Summit

1. Koinonia/Midweek

The Greek word “Koinonia” (coin-o-nia) means deeper Christian Fellowship. The main focus of Koinonia will be on Biblical community and fellowship, with opportunity to grow in knowledge and understanding of God's word. For those interested in going deeper, Koinonia will offer tools to aid in Christian accountability.

Many of our Summit Life Bible Study classes offer a co-ed Grow Group Bible Study during the week we call Koinonia or Midweek. For more information on how to get involved with a Koinonia, please contact

2. Milestones

Milestones is a framework for how Houston's First ministries and programs can better equip members of the body of Christ - from birth to adulthood - to take their unique place as part of a relevant biblical community. It’s a tool for taking God’s road map - the Bible - and applying its principles of spiritual development to nine seasons of life.

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